Scorpio With The Moon In Pisces

This increases the anxiety, restlessness, activity, and studiousness of Scorpio, and gives a love for high intellectual attainments and a respect for knowledge. It is an imaginative, artistic, mathematical sign, possessing keen sight.

Sagittarius With The Moon In Aries

This is a nervous, impatient, hurrying sign, with great physical strength, and a reckless way of overdoing. It is an eccentric, directive, executive nature, which needs employment to live happily, but should cultivate a wholesome restraint of its excitability and a contented gentleness of thought.

Sagittarius With The Moon In Taurus

This gives imagination, thoughtfulness, sympathy, steadiness and persistence. There is an added gentleness to Sagittarius in this combination which makes good nurses and doctors. It is sensitive, generous and retiring, with a gift of foresight. Architects, agriculturists, and splendid cooks are found in this sign.

Sagittarius With The Moon In Gemini

This gives order, sociability, refinement, and artistic ability. It increases the activity and nervousness, and gives musical talent, and a love of classic literature.

Sagittarius With The Moon In Cancer

Cancer gives Sagittarius romance, home love, and tenderness, but increases the impulse toward outbreaks of hasty temper, irritability and distrust. This sign is apt to marry hastily with persons beneath them, and should guard against such entanglements, as endless misery results from such unequal matches.

Sagittarius With The Moon In Leo

This nature is spiritualistic, religious and prophetic at one time, and uncompromising, mean and antag^ onistic at another. It is complex and hard to understand, supersensitive, and very faithful to old friends. Eccentricity is its keynote, and it should be governed by love.

Sagittarius With The Moon In Virgo

This sign produces physicians, natural musicians, linguists and architects. It increases the health of Sagittarius, quieting its nervousness and haste and giving greater love of family and home. It is a conservative, economistic, wealth accumulating sign, very fond of local power.

Sagittarius With The Moon In Libra

This adds intuition, perception and accurate judgment to the sign, and gives a calmness and cool-headed promptness, where hasty excitability is usually found. It is an independent, ambitious, governing combination of signs, with great endurance and much assurance of success.

Sagittarius With The Moon In Scorpio

This is a conventional, proud, sarcastic, external sign, with a tendency to high temper, quarrelsomeness, a love of personal comfort and great health and strength. It is severely just, energetic, and liberty loving, with a kind heart, little exercised and an easily tempted nature.

Sagittarius With The Moon In Sagittarius

This is a well-balanoed, industrious, careless, liberal, independent and sociable sign, with a tendency to spend money to decorate the home. It gives regularity and order in business, and faithfulness in domestic life. It has remarkably keen perceptions and can be agreeable and entertaining when interested. It sometimes indulges in an unwarrantable fear of being a failure.

Sagittarius With The Moon In Caprioornus

This is an industrious, impulsive, businesslike sign, with great love of music and grandeur. It increases order and harmony in art and a pure love of work which inevitably leads to success.

Sagittarius With The Moon In Aquarius

This gives an ideal love of home and family, keen perceptions and intuitions, and the power to please the public. This sign can make money better than it can keep it, and both sexes should have a good business education. It should guard against careless habits of dress and eating.

Sagittarius With The Moon In Pisces

This gives anxiety, restlessness and studiousness to the sign, and increases the artistic ability, faithfulness and industry. It is a fretful, meddlesome sign, with extraordinarily keen sight, which should be well guarded with periods of rest.

Caprioornus With The Moon In Aries

This gives tenacity of purpose, great organizing ability and managing power, with a tendency to view the thing as a whole and omit the details. It is a successful, formulative, governing sign, with a good deal of egotism and a high regard for intellectual attainments.

Caprioornus With The Moon In Taurus

This is a sensitive, perceptive, ardent, conservative sign, and when well endowed, earnest in educational and human progress. If not, it lacks self-control and is quarrelsome and destructive. Physics, engineering, and marine construction come under this head, and a fund of domestic love and business ability.

Caprioornus With The Moon In Gemini

This gives a love of science, artistic beauty, oratory, philanthropy and literature. It is a graceful, expressive, sociable, useful sign, with much musical ability and not much taste for domesticity.

Capricornus With The Moon In Cancer

This gives ideality, spontaneity and restlessness, with a cautious, saving, domestic nature. The higher-minded make good lawyers and public speakers, and there is an added sensitiveness and prudence to the Capricornus nature. The other extreme is irritable, passionate and miserly.

Capricornus With The Moon In Leo

This endows the nature with a love of beauty, spirituality, religion and generosity, or a changeable, arbitrary wilfulness. The one makes ministers and philanthropists and the other selfish and passionate marplots.

Capricornus With The Moon In Virgo

This gives a love of home, music and elegance, and a great desire for harmonious domestic relations which is generally too idealistic to be realized. It is a critical, intuitive, literary sign, in which are found physicians and novel writers.

Capricornus With The Moon In Libra