This gives business ability, intuition, a well-balanced mind, gentleness in the home life, foresight and adaptability. It tends to turn the mind toward public speaking, literary pursuits and corporations. It is dignified, self-controlled and steady.

Capricornus With The Moon In Scorpio

This is a positive, easily angered, conventional, dignified sign, sometimes bard and passionate. It is active, self-controlled, jnst and methodical with an innate personal pride, and hatred of manual labor.

Capricornus With The Moon In Sagittarius

This is an extravagant, over-hasty, active, thoughtless sign, with a great love of music and oratory. It is direct and ill tempered at times and needs strict training in economy and business methods to become successful.

Capricornus With The Moon In Capricornus

This is a careful, bright, businesslike sign, more successful than the preceding one. It is best at managing, planning, office-work and as accountants. Supersensitiveness and consequent despondence are its worst enemies, so it should cultivate cheerfulness. It is conservatively religious, but lacks domesticity.

Capricornus With The Moon In Aquarius

This nature is active, restless, fond of city life and publicity, with a strong regard for appearances, and not much for a domestic life unless the home is elegant and aristocratic. It is a somewhat passionate, egotistic sign and should cultivate domestic love and faithfulness.

Capricornus With The Moon In Pisces

This gives perseverance, studiousness, economy, love of display in the home and sometimes dissatisfaction in the domestic circle. Both sexes are restless and worrisome, the women being inclined to be independent and dissatisfied. Miserliness is found here also and a tendency to grasp as much as possible.

Aquarius With The Moon In Aries

This sign is decided, intellectual, stubborn, not communicative, commanding and quiet. It has great self-control, love of music and poetry, concentration and keen intuitions. It is a healthy, wholesome, enjoyable nature, practical and businesslike, with an acute sense of touch and smell.

Aquarius With The Moon In Taurus

This gives a strong love of nature and agriculture, great sensitiveness, and good judgment in trading in horses and cattle. It is an industrious, loving, harmonious sign, making good wives and husbands, but lacks push and determination.

Aquarius With The Moon In Gemini

This is a sociable, spontaneous sign full of tenderness and grace. It loves intellectual power and brilliancy of expression. Politics, education, and all kinds of mechanics are interesting to it and both men and women are very skilful with their hands.

Aquarius With The Moon In Cancer

This adds sensitiveness and nervousness to the sign and a disposition to hoard and save. It increases the imagination and constancy but not the ambition, and is inclined to degenerate into fretful-ness and loss of self-control.

Aquarius With The Moon In Leo

This gives an idealistic love-nature, sympathy, religion and tender-heartedness. It gives cheeriness to despondent Aquarius, activity and a faith in mankind which is often abused and betrayed. It is a hopeful, wilful, changeable sign and should cultivate steadiness and determination.

Aquarius With The Moon In Virgo

This is a faithful, logical, proud, sensitive nature, inclined to be passionate and intemperate. It is critical, terse, expressive, saving and mathematical, with an inclination toward mechanics, physiology and hygiene. This sign makes good husbands and wives and usually has fine self-control.

Aquarius With The Moon In Libra

This gives keen perception and discrimination in weights, measures and conditions. It is an intuitive, foreseeing sign, energetic and determined in general, but easily rendered hopeless and despondent. This nature should cultivate self-confidence.

Aquarius With The Moon In Scorpio

This gives a quick tempered, shrewd, somewhat revengeful nature and a selfish disposition. Its own shrewdness over-reaches itself and militates against great success in life. Mechanics, politics, agriculture and trading are its best professions, and it should guard against lack of self-control and harshness.

Aquarius With The Moon In Sagittarius

This sign gives a very favorable business capacity, imagination, aggression and defense, activity and a tendency to overdo. It is a hasty, conventional, industrious, religious nature, with a talent for public speaking and the ministry and a great desire to be loved.

Aquarius With The Moon In Capricornus

This gives activity, nervous energy, a love of public and political life, and adds impulsiveness and patriotism to Aquarius. It deals in generalities, wholesale business and large transactions and should cultivate exactness and precision.

Aquarius With The Moon In Aquarius

This gives a positive, perceptive, independent, expressive nature with an inclination to religion, and a love of family. It is discreet, intuitive, sensitive, easily disappointed and despondent. It has a talent for a business or public life and is sociable and pleasant.

Aquarius With The Moon In Pisces

This gives perseverance, perception, carefulness and a love of literature and all mental attainments. It adds honor, integrity, anxiety and restlessness to this nature with a tendency to economy, which occasionally turns to reckless extravagance. It should cultivate self-confidence.

Pisces With The Moon In Aries

This gives activity, determination and force to Pisces' artistic nature, also strength, self-reliance, wilfulness and self-control. It increases the constancy and literary talent but should guard against overdoing and nervous break-downs.

Pisces With The Moon In Taurus

This nature is a combination of activity and quiet with an intense love of nature, science and chemistry and a taste for engineering, architecture and mathematics. It is exact and orderly with an increased spirituality and romantic domestic love. It is a sensitive, steady, mature sign inclined to soberness, and should cultivate cheeriness and sociability.

Pisces With The Moon In Gemini

This gives a great love of knowledge, sociability, artistic expression and elegance. It adds to the usefulness of this sign and increases the mechanical ability. Morbid worry is its worst enemy and it should cultivate self-control and hopefulness to become successful.

Pisces With The Moon In Cancer

This in an industrious, sensitive, penurious sign, constant and loving in its domestic relations, and fond of outdoor employment such as agriculture and stock-raising. It dislikes continued study and effort and should cultivate regularity and method.

Pisces With The Moon In Leo

This leads to a harmonious, high-minded love of the intellectual and spiritual, strong vitality and purity of the love-nature and a somewhat philanthropic turn of mind. It is a confiding, sensitive sign, which when disappointed turns irritable, selfish and unscrupulous.

Pisces With The Moon In Virgo

This is an exacting, critical, positive sign, calm, and somewhat selfish, with strong domesticity and governing powers. It has imagination, which it applies practically, making good physicians and fine parents. It should guard against selfishness, harsh criticism and over-exaction.

Pisces With The Moon In Libra

This sign gives the masculine sex quiet thoughtfulness, foresight, carefulness and poetic or literary talent. The feminine sex would be inclined to be positive, expressive and active with a tendency to material philosophy and a business career.

Pisces With The Moon In Scorpio

This gives industry, conventionality, a disposition to meddle and domineer, pride of appearance, jealousy and passion. It lacks harmony in domestic life, but makes faithful public officials and gives an adaptability for mechanics and journalism.

Pisces With The Moon In Sagittarius

This is a hasty, somewhat reckless, active, restless, irritable nature, with good mechanical ability, artistic ideas and of a religious turn of mind. It is industrious, but spoils the results of its labor often by impatience and recklessness. It is inclined to be passionate and ill-tempered and should cultivate quiet and self-control.

Pisces With The Moon In Capricornus

This gives business ability, with a regard for generalities only, energy, determination, and a disposition to speculate, or undertake more business than can be attended to. It has a strong love of music, art and knowledge and makes good superintendents and managers.

Pisces With The Moon In Aquarius

This nature is not so studious nor domestic as is usual with Pisces, but is more cheery, sociable and fickle. It is fond of publicity and city life and bustle, and makes good agents and public officials. It should cultivate dignity, force and persistence.

Pisces With The Moon In Pisces

This is an anxious, morbid, conservative sign, with activity .and perseverance large and self-confidence small.

It loves the weird and strange, and is especially good in interior decoration. It is methodical, orderly and faithful, but should cultivate cheeri-ness, hope, self-confidence and self-control.