Mercury M Aries

This gives culture, great power of intellect, refinement, studiousness and interesting conversation. It is progressive, poetic, with a love of the beautiful and a delight in anything new and original. It possesses good business ability, literary talent, and sometimes makes successful politicians.

Mercury In Taurus

This increases the health and strength, sociability, and ideality of Mercury, and makes inspirational teachers of ethics. It gives sensitiveness, and fear of pain, and somewhat decreases its logic, stability and self-control. This sign should guard against change-ableness, passion and irritability.

Mercury In Gemini

This is a good tempered, sociable, attractive, cultured sign, inclined to studiousness, and a love of elegance and wealth. It loves to work, and is generally successful either in a literary or mechanical direction. It is a speaking, singing, somewhat passionate, convivial nature, and should guard against carrying its joviality too far.

Mercury In Cancer

This adds health and strength, a good voice, and domesticity to the nature, with a fine protecting, parental love, and an inclination toward a scientific profession. This sign loves elegance, style, culture, brilliance and grace, and generally excels in them.

Mercury In Leo

This gives wilfulness, frankness, originality, passion, harmony, impulsiveness and a strong love-nature. It is sociable, dependent, self-assured, desirous to lead and sympathetic. This sign usually marries early.

Mercury In Virgo

This is a healthful sign, with good imagination, governing power, endurance, mechanical ability and a desire for wealth and position. It is inclined to be passionate, and lack self-control and directness, but makes good heads of households and successful politicians.

Mercury In Libra

This increases the sociability, humor, and expressiveness of the sign, and gives perception, sarcasm and brilliancy. It adds pride and a tendency to ups and downs of temper and spirits. With self-control it can win great success.

Mercury In Scorpio

Mercury in this sign gives added strength, grace, refinement, vivacity, endurance and power.

It is very active, sociable and eloquent, and there is some danger of overdoing.

This nature should guard against selfishness and insincerity.

Mercury In Sagittarius

This is a changeable sign, at one time friendly, sympathetic and indulgent, at another, harsh, defensive, calculating, exacting and severe. It is too hasty, active and superstitious, but gains in muscular strength. More self-control would make it very successful.

Mercury In Capricornus

This gives love of travel, wealth and humor, with an ambitious, fickle, sociable, wayward disposition. It is economical, passionate, practical, forgiving, somewhat superstitious and changeable, and succeeds better working for others than itself.

Mercury In Aquarius

This is a changeable sign, full of moods and restlessness. It is either home loving or lives an entirely public life, is sometimes direct and frank, sometimes underhand and tricky. It has good business ability, is active and passionate, lacks self-control and hates restraint.

Mercury In Pisces

This adds artistic ability, restlessness, love of travel and beauty, especially of scenery, to the nature. It is too active for its own endurance, very fond of walking, and from babyhood will have a tendency to. run away.

Venus In Aries

This gives good fortune, grace, activity, and ideality of the love-nature, which makes it hard to find a suitable mate. It increases the musical and literary talents, and tends to over-confidence in shaky business schemes.

Venus In Taurus

This adds sensitiveness, calmness, spirituality, persistence and grace, but tends to increase inconstancy and morbidness. It is generally high minded, though at times passionate, with strong likes and dislikes, and a lack of endurance.

Venus In Gemini

This gives studiousness, delicacy of expression, light-heartedness and intellectuality, and makes better teachers and speakers than housekeepers. But there is a good deal of romance, and a peculiar faculty for inheriting family traits.

Venus In Cancer

This sign is one of the strongest in love of beauty, brilliance, power and elegance. Its love of home and family is tender and devoted, and it has the gift of shining both at home and abroad. It is sensitive, attractive, careful and tasteful.

Venus In Leo

This gives changeableness, vividness and delicacy of thought, and an intense love-nature. It is harmonious in expression, refined, hopeful and zealous, but if perverted, can be passionate, morose, fretful, and selfish. With self control and stability this sign is very successful.

Venus In Virgo

This increases the love of home and family, and gives faithfulness, intuition, sympathy and kindness. This is a healthy, stalwart, graceful, somewhat jealous sign, with a tendency to protect and educate.

Venus In Libra

This is a gentle, calm, spiritual sign, full of pity, dignity and graciousness. It gives intuition, ideality and intellect and a great love of harmony.

Venus In Scorpio

This gives keen insight, self-will, criticism, and combativeness. It is a selfish, passionate, unsympathetic sign, with a tendency to sarcasm and irony. It is exacting and severely just and should cultivate sympathy, gentleness and self-control.

Venus In Sagittarius

This is a pleasing, devoted, accomplished, graceful, wealthy sign, active, energetic and capable. It has a beautiful domestic love, and is artistic and spiritual, a little inclined to jealousy and lack of confidence, but usually happy.

Venus In Capricornus

This is graceful, kind and pleasing, with fine governing abilities and quick insight and intuitions. It is a businesslike, fickle, rather insincere sign, with little domesticity, and a strong love of music and art.