Venus In Aquarius

This gives a love of public life, and a faculty for dealing with many people. It is artistic, attractive and harmonious, with a love of music, and a good tempered, witty, generous nature. Venus increases the home love and devotion, and tends to domestic happiness.

Venus In Pisces

This nature is calm, active, self-complacent, restless, with an intense love-nature, and an inclination to nervousness. When perverted, it becomes underhanded, passionate, fretful and morbid.

Mars In Aries

This is an intellectual, careful, neat, economical, aggressive sign, with a love of exploration and reform, and a high ideal of domestic life. It has a strong desire to teach and elevate mankind, and also to domineer over others.

Mars In Taurus

This adds courage, self-defense, love of science and wealth, and a tendency toward progress, conquest and war. It has an intense, almost animal instinct of love and protection for its children, and is sensitive and self-complacent in its nature.

Mars In Gemini

This is a gainful, emulative sign, with a great love of knowledge, educational reform, science and culture. It is successful in teaching, lecturing and trading and is interested in the home and children, but lacks true domesticity. It is a variable nature, independent, reasonable, and always freedom loving.

Mars In Cancer

This greatly increases the domestic love-nature, is aggressive and forceful, and gives courage in defense of home. It adds to the health and strength, is cautious, economical, tasteful, and sometimes lacking in frankness.

Mars In Leo

This gives an argumentative, mercenary, selfish impulse to Leo, with good business push and power, fearlessness, caution and self-defense. It is exceedingly domestic and indulgent, somewhat irritable, and inclined to be dissatisfied.

Mars In Virgo

This is a contradictory nature, positive, pretentious, ill-tempered and intemperate. It lacks directness, and is somewhat inclined to forget its debts. It should not criticise in others what it does itself, and should practice self-control on its own passionate nature, instead of domineering over others.

Mars In Libra

This gives caution, shrewdness, perception, courage, self-preservation and a disposition to acquire wealth and protect its family. It has powerful foresight, magnetism, antagonism and revenge and is inclined to be selfish and passionate.

Mars In Scorpio

This gives a strong family love and great respect for blue blood and aristocratic connections. It is a somewhat selfish, passionate sign, with a leaning toward conventionality, and a liking for a public life. It should guard against its domineering tendencies and love of flattery.

Mars In Sagittarius

This turns all the energies toward the home and family, making indulgent, unwise parents, with more love of wealth than education. It is an impatient, irritable, exacting sign, severe and law-abiding, and is successful in mechanics and manufacturing.

Mars In Capricornus

Mars here makes the Capricornus business nature, fiery, aggressive, industrious and active. It also causes a love for and indulgence to children, and an interest in education and science. It is very gainful, severe and unbending in business, and is usually successful, but occasionally loses its friends thereby.

Mars Inaquarius

This gives sociability, love of travel and making new friends, pride of appearance and conventionality. It should cultivate discretion and avoid meddling and making discord. It lacks domesticity.

Mars In Pisces

This adds more courage to the anxious Pisces nature, and makes it severe and critical. It is kind and loving, but somewhat dissatisfied, and has an unfortunate habit of choosing antagonistic companions, which renders the domestic relations inharmonious. This sign lacks frankness, is easily angered, shrewd and proud.

Jupiter In Aries

This gives intellectuality and a love of beauty, magnificence, sublimity and stateliness. It is a proud, somewhat extravagant sign, original, imaginative and literary. Its self-control is good and it has a tendency toward law.

Jupiter In Taurus

This is an energetic, hopeful, healthy sign, sensitive and prophetic, with a tendency to dominate everything else. It is exact, inspirational, afraid of pain and inclined to appreciate the good things of life.

Jupiter In Gemini

This nature is lovable, brave, kind, humorous, gracious and just. It loves elegance, culture and knowledge, hag an indomitable will and a gift for oratory. It does not fear adversity and wins success through its sweet disposition.

Jupiter M Cancer

This makes an ideal good-tempered, domestic nature, free, brilliant, industrious and just. It adds faithfulness, activity and a desire for wealth, increases the health and gives a strong love of children.

Jupiter In Leo

This is a harmonious, generous, self-controlled, healthy sign, with a love of position and appearances, and a dignified aristocratic carriage. It gives a love of music, much spirituality, a strong sense of responsibility and a somewhat domineering disposition.

Jupiter In Virgo

This adds steadiness, endurance, good digestion, and a love of the good things of life. It is a persevering, sociable, harmonious, brilliant sign, with a love of display and a good deal of egotism. It is generally refined and well educated, sometimes passionate, artistic and discriminating.

Jupiter In Libra

This is a strong, self-controlled, dignified, harmonious, orderly sign, with artistic perceptions, idealistic love-nature and good executive ability. It is healthy, strong-backed and vigorous, kind to the struggling, severe to the overbearing, mild tempered and well beloved.

Jupiter In Scorpio

This gives a love of freedom and hatred of restraint, pride, conventionality and a deep regard for public opinion. It lacks domesticity and constancy and spoils its chances of success by domineering severity.