Jupiter In Sagittarius

This is a harmonious, competitive, over-hasty, artistic, ideal, poetic nature, with much executive ability and an inordinate desire to overdo. It has natural mechanical ability, graceful, muscular physiques and a skill in sculpture. This sign succeeds best in official or public business, superintendence of any construction, and has a strong love for all military matters.

Jupiter In Capricornus

This is an eccentric, idealistic, benevolent sign, with large business ideas and sociability and domesticity strong. It is musical and artistic, attractive and magnanimous, and generally succeeds in amassing wealth.

Jupiter In Aquarius

This tends toward publicity and decreases domesticity. It is a strong-limbed, ambitious, domineering sign, in which are found many successful politicians.

Jupiter In Pisces

This is an active, traveling, restless, enduring, artistic sign, with great persistence, capability and accuracy. It is fond of elegance and display, and has a talent for traveling agencies and dealing in lands. It has much generosity and is naturally fitted for the position of foreign consul.

Saturn In Aries

This is a commercial, literary, sagacious, businesslike sign, with clearheaded perceptions and harmonious expression. It is intellectual, scientific and inventive, with fine mechanical abilities and much success in transportation and publishing.

Saturn In Taurus

This gives logic, stubbornness, order, intuition, eccentricity and a disposition to domineer. It gives a love of art and poetry and a faculty for composition, and is sensitive and benevolent. It is severe, self-assured, critical and religious, and should avoid sullenness and cultivate graciousness.

Saturn In Gemini

This is a talented, over-enthusiastic nature, with a disposition to overstate values and exaggerate the importance of matters. It is an intellectual, scientific, commercial sign, with artistic and mechanical tastes and a tendency to eccentricity. Inventive geniuses and question askers are found here.

Saturn In Cancer

This adds strength and endurance and a strong love of the home, music and social reform. It is an orderly, harmonious, peaceful sign, lacking self-control and stability, and should avoid quarrels, jealousy, and the use of stimulants. It is very hard for it to acknowledge its faults.

Saturn In Leo

This is a contradictory nature, generous, harmonious and loving at one time, and aggressive, exacting and destructive at another. It is an intense, dominant, aspiring, unsatisfied sign, idealistic and ardent in its love-nature, which subjects it to keen disappointments. Thus thrown back on itself, it becomes irritable, selfish, lacking in frankness, and fickle.

Saturn In Virgo

This is an intuitive, foreseeing, clear-headed sign, fond of high living, social prominence and aristocratic connections. It is sometimes relentlessly stubborn and antagonistic, with an inclination for family quarrels. It should cultivate consideration and tact.

Saturn In Libra

This is a harmonious, spiritual, intuitive, commercial, severely just sign, inclined to domineer unmercifully, for which it is often severely punished. It is cautious, selfcontrolled, mechanical and orderly, and somewhat inclined to be passionate.

Saturn In Scorpio

This has natural tact and conventionality, with some mental power, but an evil temper, restless, dissatisfied disposition, and an inclination for violent quarrels. It is a destructive, doubting, cowardly sign naturally— but when spiritualized, it becomes harmonious, industrious and very attractive.

Saturn In Sagittarius

This gives calmness, indomitable will, sympathy, sagacity and courage. It is irritable, reckless, rash, and lacks self-control and sociability. It possesses much artistic ability, is musical and expressive and makes good ministers.

Saturn In Capricornus

This gives business talent, science, and adaptation for the ministry. It is sensitive, intolerant, fastidious and elegant, with a love of freedom, refined thoughts and fine fabrics. There is spirituality, inventive genius, musical ability and natural mechanical skill in this sign.

Saturn In Aquarius

This iB an economical, cautious, active, sensitive sign, with a strong love for public admiration and the stage, and a pride of personal appearance. Art, elegance, beauty, and the desire and capability to please are its keynotes.

Saturn In Pisces

This gives keen perceptions, activity, love of travel and military positions, with a tendency to melancholy, intemperance and irritability. It is a teachable, music-loving, artistic sign, and with increased self-control and hope it reaches great heights of experimental science and art.

Uranus In Aries

This gives mental and spiritual activity, and a changeable nature. It leads to clerical and literary pursuits and induces a strong interest in home and children. Metaphysics and a love of the unseen are its keynotes.

Uranus In Taurus

This is an intuitive, spiritually sensitive sign, with a love for the mysterious, weird music, and fortune-telling. It believes in predictions and is constant in the domestic relations. To succeed it should cultivate common sense, industry, stability and persistence.

Uranus In Gemini

This gives studiousness and a taste for the occult sciences, with a changeable and eccentric nature, which is shown by its speech and actions, and its odd choice of friends. It is naturally metaphysical with a strong inclination to teach psychology. It possesses much distrust, uncertainty and fickleness, and though fond of its own family is not capable of much love.

Uranus In Cancer

This is a selfish, cynical, domineering, accurate sign, with large economy, love of home and children and patriotism. It loves the weird and peculiar in life and is fond of collecting antique bric-a-brac and strange pictures. Melancholy and ill health are induced by inharmonious domestic relations and as this sign is very hard to please it should choose its mates carefully.