Uranus In Leo

This is an industrious, religious, domestic, protective sign, with strong intuitions, imagination and refinement. It is critical, keen-sighted and diplomatic, with a great love of children, and a lack of frankness.

Uranus In Virgo

Uranus here awakens a great love of country, connections and family, especially of the children for parents. It is a gainful, comfort-loving sign, and suffers much from inharmony while eating. Fine physicians are found in it, and a love of agriculture, stock-raising, and the unseen and mysterious.

Uranus In Libra

This is a scheming, money-loving sign, constantly taking advantage of every one but its own family. If spiritualized it becomes refined, strong, powerful and perceptive, with wonderful foresight and a tendency to have peculiar dreams.

Uranus In Scorpio

This is gainful, selfish, wilful, tricky, cynical and liberty loving. If spiritualized it gains in self-control and conventionality and becomes very attractive.

Uranus In Sagittarius

This gives obedience, mechanical ability, meddlesomeness, and a dissatisfied, unhappy, timid nature. If highly endowed this sign possesses more self-control, spiritual foresight and courage, takes life more calmly and finds its happiness in its home.

Uranus In Capricornus

This gives a strong love of nature, good business ability and an investigating mind. It becomes expert in electrical engineering, and interested in psychology. It is a critical, cautious, patriotic sign, persevering and sociable, with an intense and protecting home and family love.

Uranus In Aquarius

This is an active, supersensitive, keenly-perceptive nature, and an inveterate student of humanity. It lacks stability and hope and adds eccentricity to manners and dress. This sign likes to dominate others, but to succeed it must first learn to control itself.

Uranus In Pisces

This is a patriotic, home-loving sign, rather too skilful and tricky in trade, but with an ever-present desire to provide for the family and especially the children. It possesses much secretiveness, studiousness, and a strong desire to investigate the unseen and unknown.

Neptune In Aries

This is a teaching, corrective missionary sign, generally sympathetic, loving and helpful, with a strong ambition to improve humanity which often leads to a public or political life.

Neptune In Taurus

This is a skilful, pleasure loving, harmonious sign, with a tendency to investigate the occult, and to disseminate knowledge. It is apt to be visionary and prophetic and should cultivate stability, industry and common sense.

Neptune In Gemini

This is an expressive, oratorical sign, very sociable and obliging, with a strong taste for the stage. It is full of moods somewhat peculiar and very fond of travel.

Neptune In Cancer

This is an attractive, well ' poised sign, with an idealistic love-nature, and much graceful elegance and refinement. It is harmonious and perceptive and loves nature and its laws.

Neptwne In Leo

This is a noble, high-minded religious nature, intuitive, refined and loving. Inspirational poets and ministers are found in this sign, with great power to understand and help mankind.

Neptune In Virgo

Neptune in this sign greatly spiritualizes Virgo's materialistic bent. It adds constancy, gentleness and sympathy and softens its somewhat harsh sense of justice.

Neptune In Libra

Neptune alone in Libra is very beneficial, fortunate and strengthening. It gives vivid and accurate expression, softens all harsh traits, improves the mental attributes and tends to bring honor and success.

Neptune In Scorpio

This adds to Scorpio's attractiveness by humanizing and harmonizing it.

It tends to bring spirituality and religion down into acts and deeds of benevolence and helpfulness, and gives a faculty for benefiting humanity by the judgment of past experience.

Neptune In Sagittarius

This is a very strong, fortunate and successful sign and almost invariably acquires honor and wealth. Memory, perception and foresight with financial ability, energy and justice characterize it.

Neptune In Capricornus

This is a successful and wealth-amassing sign. In all kinds of business, commerce, transportation and speculation, its quick perceptions, wide-awake methods and good judgment cause it to lead.

Neptune In Aquarius

This makes the success more certain in public and political life. It refines and spiritualizes the Aquarius nature and renders it very attractive and magnetic.

Neptune In Pisces

This elevates and brightens Pisces' somewhat hopeless and worrisome nature, and adds force and strength to its artistic ability. It gives grace, accuracy and attractiveness and tends toward success and happiness.