Leo With The Moon In Sagittarius

This nature is rendered more hasty and irrational, but at the same time more aggressive and successful by the influence of Sagittarius. It gives nervous energy, restlessness and an inclination toward extremes. It adds exacting severity and intolerance, and is apt to be passionate and revengeful.

Leo With The Moon In Capricornus

This is also a successful, businesslike, exacting and unsympathetic sign, with a love of wealth and an extremely cleanly and fastidious habit of life. It is a music-loving nature, very sociable and conventional.

Leo With The Moon In Aquarius

This combination is rather apt to make an epicure of Leo. It gives a love of luxury and the good things of life and tends to changeable and ill-tempered habits. It has a great love of travel, and a desire to please every one, especially strangers.

Leo with the Moon in Pisces—This gives strong perception and artistic ability. It lacks originality and persistence, is restless, anxious and irritable, and has a strong love of travel, of knowledge and sometimes of meddling. It can be diligent, practical and accurate and rise to great heights of erudition.

Virgo With The Moon In Aries

This gives strength of will, firmness, steadiness, intellectuality and method in all things. It is orderly, stubborn, humorous and good natured, and its fault-finding propensities are only used for the improvement of others. It possesses very keen sight and more spirituality and harmony than is usual in Virgo.

Virgo With The Moon In Taurus

This gives fine intuitions and keen perceptions, a love of science and poetry and good business ability. It is a straightforward, somewhat wilful, home-loving sign, healthful, energetic, inclined to overdo, and very successful.

Virgo With The Moon In Gemini

This is a talkative, cultured, sociable sign, with a strong love of beauty, of education, and public life. It possesses great activity, some nervousness, artistic ability, and an inclination to talk too fast. It is characterized by much grace, self-control, fastidiousness and hospitality.

Virgo With The Moon In Cancer

This is a sensitive, sweet-tempered, loving, domestic nature, a little inclined to jealousy, but absolutely dependent on harmony for happiness. It is very industrious and saving and inclined to live in its own family.

Virgo With The Moon In Leo

This is a sign with a tendency to wish for the unattainable. Its intense, restless, ideal love-nature seems to over-balance and swallow up reason and discretion, and as no other person can realize or satisfy this high ideal, this sign is sometimes seen in the divorce courts. It is artistic and harmonious, with very acute senses, and should fight against morbidness, fickleness and nervousness.

Virgo With The Moon In Virgo

This is a home-loving, patriotic, clannish sign, faithful, pure and lovable, with strong intuitions, great self-reliance, and good health. It has the gift of prophecy to a certain degree, and is refined, fastidious and polite with an inclination to admire originality.

Virgo With The Moon In Libra

This gives independence, a philosophical turn of mind, some egotism, and a great deal of ambition, geniality and clear headedness. It has good expression, tact, health, and self-control, and lacks concentration and steady labor. Brilliant physicians and writers are found in this sign.

Virgo With The Moon In Scorpio

This gives persistence, conventionality, a high regard for positions of honor, some imitativeness, selfishness, and a lack of sympathy. It is a successful, industrious, mathematical sign with good vitality and health. There is an inclination to deal justice untempered with mercy, which though hard is very salutatory for the world.

Virgo With The Moon In Sagittarius

This gives the greatest intensity of power of any sign, also activity, vitality, executive ability and cautiousness. Enforced inactivity would cause its death. It is over-hasty and thoughtlessly harsh, impulsive, intuitive and religious. It possesses wonderful powers of concentration and push and is generally successful.

Virgo With The Moon In Caprioornus

This gives musical talent, and business ability of a high order, also conventionality, conservatism and antagonism. It is independent, hates control, is very fond of the good things of life, elegance and obedience to its will. It lacks domesticity and sometimes constancy.

Virgo With The Moon In Aquarius

This is a harmonious, magnetic, musical, orderly, tactful, sociable sign with much activity of mind and body. It possesses good business and political ability, and a love for city life.

Virgo With The Moon In Pisces

This gives industry, literary talent, mechanical and business ability and a great love of knowledge. It is sensitive and restless, with a strong idealistic love, which renders it dissatisfied with domesticity and irritable at home. There is little originality or brilliancy, but much managing ability and sometimes a taste for the stage.

Libra With The Moon In Aries

This is a powerful, self-controlled, imaginative, original, intense sign, with a wonderful capacity for taking in the possibilities of an undertaking and carrying it through to success. It possesses great scope of voice and ease of carriage and gesture and a love of chemistry.

Libra With The Moon In Taurus

This is a harmonious, persistent, positive, reasonable sign, with much added imagination, spirituality and sensitiveness. It is patient, tactful and honorable, with a strong love of nature and the sciences, and good inventive genius. This combination makes good philosophers and physicians.

Libra' With The Moon In Gemini

This gives activity, restlessness, grace and good temper, with a love of education, oratory and mathematics. It is artistic, dignified, sometimes egotistic and idealistic, with a wonderful power in shaping and governing public thought.