Career With The Moon In Taurus

This gives great sensitiveness to its surroundings, personal and otherwise, which necessitates a strong self-control. There are builders, natural mechanics and students in this sign. It has intuition, order and reason, but no aggressiveness or defense, and the children in this sign are often rendered ill from inharmony, cross parents or evil nurses.

Cancer With The Moon In Gemini

This gives energy, spirituality, devotion to friends and family, especially children, a great thirst for knowledge and an inclination toward art, literature ami public speaking. This nature should have a good education and be taught to be firm, cautious, self-protective and practical.

Cancer With The Moon In Cancer

This gives independence, self-sufficiency, bright activity, and clear intuitions and intellect, unless perverted by bad habits, in which case it is degraded to vague imaginings, inexactness and inattention. It hates the rule of others, is sometimes fickle, and should learn self-control.

Cancer With The Moon In Leo

This is an intensely loving and energetic sign, sensitive, somewhat unreliable and given to extremes.

Humanitarians and philanthropists come under this combination and all of its people have an intense desire to be loved.

Cancer With Tlie Moon In Virgo

This gives a critical, discriminating, emotional nature, a love of the weird and mysterious, of physiology and a taste for literature. It is a changeable, passionate sign with a strong home and family love, but an inclination to nag and criticise. It loves travel and elegance and has a great regard for appearances.

Cancer With Iht Moon In Libra

This gives either an intuitive, well-balanced, prophetic mind, or, if perverted by bad habits, a passionate, thoughtless, reckless nature. In this sign we find judges, authors and idealists. With self-control, this nature is a powerful ruler, being a combination of tenderness and will power.

Cancer With The Moon In Scorpio

This gives self-control, conventionality and serenity, and takes away from the supersensitive side of Cancer, making it more successful in business. It is a progressive, liberty and justice-loving sign, very self-willed and quick-tempered, and should be restrained and governed by kindness and love.

Cancer With The Moon In Sagittarius

This gives too great nervous activity and restlessness to the Cancer nature. This sign should always be restrained and trained to quiet and calm habits of thinking and speaking. It is over-hasty in everything it does, and is in constant danger of nervous bankruptcy.

Cancer With The Moon In Cdjpricornus

This is a wholesome, high-minded, virtuous, and original sign, with a strong love for beauty and ideality in the home. It is a thoughtful, eccentric, uncertain nature, with an instinct in business and business schemes which never fails. The women of this sign are better in business than at housekeeping.

Cancer With The Moon In Aquarius

This gives harmony, sociability, and patriotism to the Cancer nature, and an accurate knowledge of what is pleasing to the public. It has good business ability, careful habits and is shrewd at a bargain, rather shrinking and defenseless when reproved, and not ready in reply.

Cancer With The Moon In Pisces

This gives industry, studiousness and an active mind with a turn toward mechanical arts. It adds strong perceptions, expressiveness and an intense thirst for knowledge. This nature is often dissatisfied and inclined to think the world and people are against it and should cultivate active and wholesome habits.

Leo With The Moon In Aries

This gives a strong will, courage, stubbornness, persistence and a tendency to go to extremes. It is original, idealistic and dominant, religious or scientific. Its work should be in the professions, with a view to social reform.

Leo With The Moon In Taurus

This gives a great love of nature, especially human nature in both its physical and mental phase. It is a wholesome, healthy hygienic sign in which are found fine physicians and naturalists. It loves elegance, is expressive, egotistic and imaginative.

Leo With The Moon In Gemini

This is an active, studious, ambitious, liberty-loving sign, with a great love of culture and progress, and an innate desire to do things in its own way. It is orderly, law-abiding, where the laws are good, and inclined to overdo.

Leo With The Moon In Cancer

This sign is one of extremes, buoyant and happy one moment and sad the next, sensitively sympathetic to surroundings, with a strong love of home and family. It is an imaginative, dreamy nature, and needs to cultivate a practical, accurate business sense of responsibility to gain success.

Leo With The Moon In Leo

This gives a self-reliant, independent, clear-minded, imaginative and intuitive nature, with artistic and practical power and a strong habit of reserve and self-control. It is very little affected by other people, which gives it greater strength than the ordinary Leo nature.

Leo With The Moon In Virgo

This is a critical, restless, dissatisfied sign, inclined to be impractical and unsuccessful. It gives eccentricity to the nature and also a strong love of the home and family, which occasionally broadens to patriotism.

Leo With The Moon In Libra

This gives order, regularity, accurate. intuition and clear judgment. It is a vigorous, prophetic, literary and educational sign, with an inclination toward religion and mysticism. It is emotional and passionate, and when perverted loses all its high gifts.

Leo With The Moon In Scorpio

This nature is usually positive, proud, egotistic and unsympathetic with a great regard for appearances and love of show. It is independent, dominant and energetic, with a capacity to form and hold public opinion. It is generally dissatisfied, its self-love being seldom content with the amount of consideration shown it.