Taurus With The Moon In Libra

This is apt to be a hard, determined nature, positive and quick, with a peculiar mixture of intuition and logic. It gives sensitive sympathy to friends and severe justice to enemies. Jealousy and intolerance are its worst faults. A disposition to speculate or construct, and to advance modern achievements is often found in it.

Taurus With The Moon In Scorpio

This gives a love of education, personal appearance and a great regard for public opinion. It is also hard and exacting and intensely passionate, but at the same time industrious, self-supporting, attractive and dignified. It is above all a useful sign.

Taurus With The Moon In Sagittarius

This is a positive, hasty, executive sign, inclined to be high tempered and quarrelsome. Sometimes its natural dignity triumphs and it makes good ministers. It is a direct, unchangeable sign, with a strong, deep love for friends and family.

Taurus With The Moon In Capricornus

This makes an independent, cautious, practical business nature, with an appreciation of music and art. Conventionality and elegance are its keynotes, and soldiers, lawyers, and political organizers are found in it. This is a most opinionated sign, severe, stubborn and passionate, the women, very oddly, being the most strongly characterized by it.

Taurus With The Moon In Aquarius

This is a conventional, pleasing sign, sociable, tactful and successful in business. It gives the ability to write popular books from its knowledge of human nature, and likes elegance, show and publicity.

This is a healthful sign, with an acute sense of taste and smell.

Taurus With The Moon In Pisces

This gives an artistic turn to the nature, also imagination and ingenuity. It is a restless, energetic, anxious, sometimes irritable sign, with a disposition to imagine things and people are against it, and its way strewn with obstacles. These are generally imaginary, and it should strive to conquer its restlessness and anxiety.

Gemini With The Moon In Aries

This is an independent, aspiring, high-minded sign, with a strong love for culture, literature, and knowledge of every kind. It gives ambition, legal and political inclinations, attractiveness and worldliness. Strong, self-controlled characters, with a great love of freedom, are found in it.

Gemini With The Moon In Taurus

This is a sensitive, persistent, eccentric sign, vigorous, hygienic and dominant. It gives a love of science, medicine and the psychic arts, and is brave and self-controlled.

Gemini With The Moon In Gemini

This gives clearness of thought, some self-esteem, independence, and a well-balanced mind. It is an active, mental, unchangeable sign somewhat lacking in push and defense, but generally kind, imaginative, humorous and artistic.

Gemini With The Moan In Cancer

This is a sensitive, restless, anxious, discontented sign, with an inclination toward penuriousness. It gives a tendency toward domesticity and money getting, and intensifies the home love. It has a strong love of ideals, which leaves the nature unsatisfied with plain facts.

Gemini With The Moon In Leo

This gives a poetic musical nature somewhat inefficient, unless strengthened by planetary conditions, and a great desire to be loved. It sometimes makes good ministers, or degenerates into spiritualism and superstition. It should strive to be practical, self-controlled, and energetic.

Gemini With The Moon In Virgo

This gives a critical, studious, patriotic turn of mind, and a love for a public life, political or musical. It is orderly, elegant, full of fun, honorable, and sometimes irritable. d chemists and doctors are found in it. It should guard against nervousness, headaches, spiteful temper, and a habit of overdoing.

Gemini With The Moon In Libra

This gives great intuition and foresight, accuracy of judgment and quickness of decision. It is a dignified, self-controlled, philanthropic sign, friendly and kind; and is generally sensitive, imitative and a lover of progress.

Gemini With The Moon In Scorpio

This gives positiveness and executiveness to the sign, and a tendency to conservatism, harshness and energy. It is passionate, not over-sensitive, and fond of public life and sometimes a source of inharmony to those around it.

Gemini With The Moon In Sagittarius

This is one of the most nervously active combinations of all the signs and frequently does not live out half its life through nervous excitability and restlessness. It is an unselfish, loving, sensitive nature, living much in its mental state. This sign should guard against indigestion, too rapid living and all bad habits.

Gemini With The Moon In Capricornus

This gives a love of elegance and high position and a disposition to work for wealth to obtain them. It is an earnest, careful nature, somewhat distrustful, and occasionally verboseóbut observant and active. It should guard against wasting time, talking too much, suspicion and intemperance.

Gemini With The Moon Ifi Aquarius

This gives a desire for public life, activity, change and the excitement of travel. It is a tactful, non-domestic sign in which are found many good physicians, politicians, commercial travelers and lecturers.

Gemini With The Moon In Pisces

This gives anxiety, restlessness, studiousness and dissatisfaction to the sign. It will have an idea that the world is against it and will be irritable and cross in domestic life, thus causing much unhappiness to others and really creating the effect it has imagined. If properly controlled this nature reaches great heights of knowledge and success.

Cancer With The Moon In Aries

This gives a determined will and a disposition to lead, to go to extremes and generalities rather than details. It adds energy and ambition, but lacks concentration and careful judgment. It has an innate hatred of being advised or controlled by others which often leads to sad mistakes.