Aries With The Moon In Aries

This gives brilliancy of thought, artistic skill, imaginative power and absolute independence of thought and action. It doubles the intellectuality but takes from the generosity and sociability. It also gives a tendency toward talkativeness and quarrelsomeness.

Aries With The Moon In Taurus

This gives determination, intuition and imagination, also a restless, fickle disposition, and a tendency to domineer over others. Very successful physicians are found in this combination of signs, because of their innate sense of what is healthful or injurious. It increases the love of harmony, a sick headache often resulting from discord.

Aries With The Moon In Gemini

This intensifies the activity of the intellect along educational lines and gives good language, plausibility and a taste for harmonious effects. It makes ill good friends but inclines toward irregular habits, restlessness, fretfulness and danger of overworking.

Aries With The Moon In Cancer

This gives a literary turn to the intellect, sensitiveness, anxiety over money, and a disposition to excel in whatever is undertaken.

It intensifies the sociability and religious side of Aries, and makes good teachers. It also tends toward sentimentality and early marriages.

Aries With The Moon In Leo

This gives still greater religious convictions, patriotism and philanthropy. It tends toward supersensitive-ness, a vivid imagination, much sentiment and less intellect. In this conjunction the heart is strengthened and digestion weakened. If this religious nature is dwarfed, it becomes completely skeptical.

Aries With The Moon In Virgo

This greatly strengthens the natural health of Aries and gives methodical, orderly habits and a clear, logical mind. It induces a stronger love of home and family, and intensifies its intuition, sensitiveness, and perception. This sign tends toward critical analysis, literature and skepticism, and makes good teachers of science, and musicians.

Aries With The Moon In Libra

This gives more intuition than logical reasoning, and a strong sense of justice. The intellectuality is very brilliant and the judgment sound. This nature is steadier and possesses more self-control than most Aries natures, and is generally very successful. It is original and refined, and dislikes harsh measures of any kind.

Aries With The Moon In Scorpio

This gives conventionality, temper, industry, executive ability, jealousy and combativeness. It increases the magnetic attraction but diminishes the sympathy. Such a nature should guard against its passions, and increase its spirituality.

Aries With The Moon In Sagittarius

This gives an aggressive temper, energetic disposition, impetuosity and thoughtlessness, a disposition to decide too hastily and suffer much thereby, and a strong determination to take all consequences and say nothing. It makes strong, enduring friends and unforgiving enemies, fine musicians and faithful husbands and wives.

Aries With The Moon In Capricomus

This gives determination, sociability, imagination, love of popularity and wealth and much respect for knowledge. This is also a musical sign, and gives much original conception to composition. It is apt to increase the tendency to harshness and sarcasm, and makes good politicians and business managers.

Aries With The Moon In Aquarius

This is an attractive, affable, sociable sign. It makes successful business men, teachers, social leaders, or anything connected with a public life. It gives talents for literary work and trade, and philanthropy, patriotism and love of home.

Aries With Moon In Pisces

This gives artistic skill, a love of the mystic, imagination, studious-ness, restlessness, logic and harmony of thought and expression. This sign expects too much from marriage and is frequently disappointed and unhappy in this relation, causing a tendency to fickleness, dissatisfaction and quarrelsomeness. It imagines obstacles and worries over business.

Taurus With The Moon In Aries

This gives to Taurus conscientiousness, vividness, and a legal tendency. It also adds positiveness and energy, and makes lawyers, mechanics, and engineers.

The power to finish what is begun, no matter how large a matter, and a delicate intuition and imagination is found with the combination, which leads to success in inventions. This is a domineering, exacting, stubborn signóconstructive rather than destructive, with much self-esteem, and some generosity.

Taurus With Moon In Taurus

This is a Taurus nature intensified. It gives added vivacity, sympathy, independence, inventive genius, and strength of character, and points almost always to success. A strong sense of the beautiful in art and a love of growing things distinguishes this sign.

Taurus With The Moon In Gemini

This gives a tendency toward the public platform, educational reform and artistic ability. It increases the energy, sociability, obstinacy and self-esteem of Taurus, but also gives an assurance of success in business or profession.

Taurus With The Moon In Cancer

This gives a love of home, and money for its own sake. It narrows the sympathies to the immediate family, creating a somewhat selfish nature, but adding sensitiveness, persistence, activity and economy.

This sign should cultivate its reason, generosity, common sense and self-control.

Taurus With The Moon In Leo

This gives conventionality, ambition, love of applause, powerful imagination, intensified emotions and an accompanying pride which controls them. It adds to the stubbornness, increases their attractiveness, gullibility, and love of the good things of life.

Taurus With The Moon In Virgo

This gives success in business, literature, politics and science. It has an acuteness of vision, a fine intuition, and an accurate judgment which tends to intolerance of less talented people. This sign, and Taurus with Libra are the most successful business heads in Taurus.