A line drawn downwards from the prominent portion of the external condyle of the tibia, anterior to the superior tibio-fibular articulation, would correspond to the tendinous intersection between the tibialis anticus and the extensor digitorum communis muscles; and deeper seated still, to the course of the artery when it has reached the front of the leg. If, however, the upper part of this vessel be wounded, the wound will be our guide to the artery, and our incisions should be made in the direction of the fibres of the muscles in this situation : its corresponding nerve will be seen lying on its outside, and on either side is a small vein. At the front of the instep the anterior tibial artery may be exposed by an incision made between the tendons of the extensor pollicis longus, and extensor digitorum communis. We may expect to meet in this operations, first, the internal division of the musculo-cutaneous nerve, and then the anterior tibial nerve, which either lies over, or is a little internal to, the artery.

The branches of the anterior tibial artery areó Tibial Recurrent. External Malleolar.

Muscular branches. Tarsal.

Internal Malleolar. Metatarsal; and the terminating, viz., Dorsalis Pollicis. Ramus Communicans.