The Tibial Recurrent arises from the anterior tibial artery, immediately after it has passed through the interosseous space: it curves upwards and inwards through the fibres of the tibialis anticus muscle, being crossed by the divisions of the tibial recurrent nerve: it spreads its branches over the anterior inferior part of the knee-joint and anastomoses with the inferior articular arteries.

Several Muscular branches are given off from the anterior tibial at various points of its course down the leg.

The Internal Malleolar

The Internal Malleolar is given off immediately above the ankle-joint; it crosses horizontally inwards behind the tendon of the tibialis anticus muscle, spreads its branches over the inside of the articulation, and anastomoses with the posterior tibial.

The External Malleolar

The External Malleolar, larger than the internal, comes off a little lower than the last; it passes outwards behind the extensor digitorum, extensor pollicis, and peroneus tertius muscles. Its branches are distributed to the external malleolus, and to the outside of the ankle-joint: it anastomoses with the tarsal, the external plantar, and the peroneal arteries.

The Tarsal Branch

The Tarsal Branch arises as the anterior tibial is passing over the scaphoid bone; it runs outwards through the fibres of the short extensor of the toes, and passes beneath the tendons of the long extensor and peroneus tertius; it supplies the short extensor and articulations of the tarsus, and anastomoses with the metatarsal, external malleolar, external plantar, and peroneal arteries.