Bartholomew Rocque. A Treatise on the Hyacinth, etc. London, 1753 *

--A Practical Treatise on cultivating Lucerne-Grass, etc.

London, 1775

1754 James Justice. The Scot's Gardener's Director. Edinburgh, 1754

- The British Gardener's Director. Edinburgh, 1764

- The Useful Herbal. Anonymous. London, 1754. 8vo.

1755 William John Halfpenny. Rural Architecture in the Chinese taste. 1755. 8vo. John Dalton, d.d. Some thoughts on Building and planting, addressed to Sir James Lowther, Bart. London, 1755- 4to.

1756 On the Heat and Cold of Hot-houses. Anonymous.

London, 1756. 8vo. *

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John Hill, m.d. (Sir J. H.). The British Herbal, an History of plants . . cultivated for use or raised for Beauty. London, 1756. Folio 1757 Hale. Eden, or a Complete Body of Gardening . . . compiled by Sir John Hill from the papers left by Hale. London, 1757. Folio. Thomas Hitt. A Treatise of Fruit Trees. London, 1757. 8vo. (2nd ed.) *

- A Treatise of Husbandry on the improvement of dry and barren lands. London, 1760. 8vo. Edward Lisle. Observations on Husbandry. 1757. 4to.

Edited by his son, T. Lisle.

Robert Maxwell. The practical Husbandman. 1757 William Mason (the Poet). An heroic Epistle to Sir W.

Chambers. London, 1757. 4to. ----- An heroic Postscript. 1758

-- The English Garden, a Poem, in 4 books 8vo. 1772.

Edition with Commentary and Notes, by W. Burgh. 1785.

James Thompson. The distinguishing properties of a fine Auricula. Newcastle, 1757. 8vo. - The Dutch Florist. Newcastle, 1758. 12mo.

1758 Thomas Barnes. New method of Propagating Fruit Trees and Shrubs, confirmed by repeated and successful experience. London, 1758. 8vo. *

Later editions, 1759 and 1762. Rev. William Hanbury. An Essay on Planting, and a scheme for making it conducive to the glory of God. Oxford, 1758. "An 8vo. pamphlet" *

- A complete body of planting and gardening. London, 1770-1. Folio 1759 Richard North. A Treatise on Grasses and the Norfolk Willow. London, 1759. 8vo.

-- The Gardener's Catalogue of Hardy Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, Seeds, etc. 1759. 8vo. *

Mentioned by Johnson.

John Mills. Practical Treatise on Husbandry, translated from the French of Duhamel de Monceau. 1759. 4to. With plates.

1759 A new and complete System of Practical Husbandry.

1762. 5 vols. 8vo. -The Natural and Chemical Elements of Agriculture from the German of Gyllenborg, 1770. 12mo. -Essays on Agriculture. 1772. 8vo.

1760 Samuel Pullein. Observations towards a method of preserving the seeds of Plants in a state of Vegetation during long voyages. London, 1760. 8vo. *

James Lee. An Introduction to Botany, containing an explication of the Theory of that Science, etc.

London, 1760. 8vo. -Catalogue of Plants and Seeds sold by Kennedy and Lee, at the Vineyard, Hammersmith. 1774. 8vo. The London Gardener. Anonymous. London, 1760. 8vo. *

Mentioned by Johnson.

Adam Armed: or an Essay endeavouring to prove the advantages . . the kingdom may receive . . . by means of a well ordered and duly rectified Charter for incorporating and regulating the Professor of the Art of Gardening: humbly offered and presented by the Master and Company of the same. London. Folio Johnson mentions this work and says it has no author's name or date, but was published about this year.

1762 T. Lightoler. The Gentleman and Farmer's Architecture; being Plans for Parsonage and Farm Houses, with Pineries, Greenhouses, etc. With Plates. London, 1762. Folio Johnson mentions an edition of 1766.

1763 George Ritso. Kew Gardens: a Poem. London, 1763 * James Wheeler, The Botanists* and Gardeners' New Dictionary, containing names, classes, etc . . according to the System of Linnaeus. London, 1763. 8vo. - An Essay on the Theory of Agriculture, etc. London, 1763. 12mo. *

Thomas Martyx, f.r.s. Plantae Cantabrigienses, or a Catalogue of Plants which grow wild in the County of Cambridge. London, 1763. 8vo. A Short Account of the Donation to the Botanic Garden, by Dr. Walker. London, 1763, 4to.

- Catalogus Horti Botanici Cantabrigiensis, a Catalogue of the Botanic Garden at Cambridge. Cambridge, 1771. 8vo.

Rousseau's Letters: or the Elements of Botany, addressed to a Young Lady : with Notes, and twenty-four additional Letters, explaining the system of Linnaeus. Translated from the French. London, 1785. 8vo.

Thirty-eight Plates, with Explanations intended to illustrate Linnaeus' System of Vegetables, and particularly adapted to the Letters on the Elements of Botany. London, 1788. 8vo.

- Flora Rustica, exhibiting figures of such Plants as are either useful or hurtful in Husbandry : with Scientific Characters, etc. London, 1792-4. 8vo.

- The Language of Botany: being a Dictionary of the Terms made use of in that Science, principally by Linnaeus, etc. London, 1793. 8vo.

- The Gardeners' and Botanists' Dictionary of the late Philip Miller, corrected and newly arranged, with additions. London, 1803-7. 4 vols. folio.

- Various papers contributed to the Transactions of the Linnaean Society. 4to. 1764 Rev. Walter Harte. Essays on Husbandry, and a Treatise on Lucerne, by W. H., Canon of Windsor. With plates. 1764 and 1770.

The Dutch Florist, from the Dutch of Van Campen. 1764. 4to. *

Museum Rusticum et Commerciale, etc. London, 1764. 6 vols. 8vo. *

De Re Rustica. A similar work to the above, begun 1768, completed 1770. 2 vols. 8vo.

These three works are thus described by Johnson.

William Shenstone. Unconnected Thoughts on Gardening, in Essays on Men and Manners. 1764. 3 vols. 8vo.

The Complete Farmer ; or, Dictionary of Husbandry. Published by David Henry. 1764.

Johnson mentions a second edition, 1768.