New Principles of Gardening, or the laying-out and planting Parterres. London, 1728. 4to.

Pomona, or the Fruit Garden illustrated, etc. London, 1729. Folio.

The Landed Gentleman's Useful Companion (reprint of" A Sure Method," &c). London, 1741 B. Townsend. The Complete Seedsman, Shewing the best and easiest method for raising and cultivating every Sort of Seed, etc. 1726. 8vo.

The Gentleman Farmer, or certain observations on the Husbandry of Flanders, compared with that of England. 1726. 12mo. Anonymous * Mentioned by Johnson.

1727 S. J. The Vineyard ; a Treatise shewing the nature and method of planting, manuring, cultivating, and dressing Vines in foreign parts, etc. 1727 * Mentioned by Johnson.

Robert Furber. Catalogue of English and Foreign trees. London, 1727. 8vo. *

Mentioned by Watt.

* Fruits for every month in the year. 12 plates. 1732. 8vo. - An Introduction to Gardening, etc. London, 1733- 8vo.

1728 Robert Castel. The Villas of the Ancients, " illustrated with remarks and cuts." London, 1728. Folio >1729 John Cowell. A true Account of the Aloe Americana, or Africana now in blossom . . . also two other exotic plants call'd the Cereus or Torch-thistle. London, 1729. 8vo.

The Curious and Profitable Gardener. London, 1730. 8vo. *

- The Curious Fruit and Flower Gardener. Second Edition. London, 1732. 8vo.

Same work as above with different title-page.

1730 A Society of Gardeners. Catalogus Plantarum. A Catalogue of trees, shrubs . . in the gardens near London. Part I (rest never published). London, 1730. Folio Thomas Fairchild's name appears first on the list of the twenty gardeners who signed the Preface, so this work is sometimes catalogued under his name, or under that of Philip Miller, whose name is also on the list.

1731 Mark Catesby. Natural History of California, Florida, etc. etc. London, 1731. Imp. folio.

Hortus Europse Americanus, or a Collection of 85 Curious Trees and Shrubs, etc. London, 1767. 4to.

1732 An Essay concerning the best methods of pruning Fruit Trees, etc. London, 1732. 8vo. Anonymous The nature and method of planting, manuring, and dieting a Vineyard. London, 1732. 8vo. Anonymous *

The great Improvement of Commons that are enclosed for the advantage of Lords of the Manor, the Poor, and the Public, with methods of enriching all soils, and raising timber. To ripen fruit at all times of the year ; an improvement in raising Mushrooms, Cucumbers, etc. 1732. Anonymous *

These three anonymous works are mentioned by Johnson.

William Harper. A Sermon on Gardening, preached at Malpas, Co. of Chester, at a Meeting of Gardeners and Florists, April 18th, 1732. London, 1732. 4to.

The Flower Garden Displayed. London, 1732. 4to.

A Second Edition, to which is added "A Flower Garden for Gentlemen and Ladies, being the Art of raising Flowers . . . also salleting, cucumbers, etc. as it is now practised by Sir Thomas More. Above 400 curious representations of the most beautiful flowers, etc. from the designs of Mr. Furber and others, coloured to the Life. London, 1734. 4to.

William Ellis. Complete Modern Husbandry, containing the Practice of Farming, etc. Second Edition. London, 1732. 8vo.

The Practical Farmer or Hertfordshire Husbandman. London,1732

--The Timber Tree improved, or the best practical methods of improving different lands with proper timber. London, 1738.

Ellis was the author of several other Agricultural Treatises.

1736 Pluche-Humphrys. Nature Displayed, translated from the French of N. A. Pluche, by George Humphrys. London, 1736. 8vo.

1737 Blakewell's Herbal. 1737

1738 Public Gardens. Collection of notes about Kanelagh, Cuper's Garden, etc. (Guildhall Library.) 1738-46

1739 Samuel Trowell. A New Treatise of Husbandry, Gardening and other curious matters relating to country affairs. London, 1739. 8vo. The Farmer's Instructor or Husbandman, and Gardener's useful and necessary Companion. Ed. by William Ellis. 1747 *.

Mentioned by Johnson. An Essay upon Harmony, as it relates chiefly to situation and building. London, 1739. 8vo. Anonymous *

1740 Christopher Gray. A Catalogue of Trees and Shrubs . . . for sale. 1740 *

1744 Adam's Luxury and Eve's Cookery, or the Kitchen Garden displayed. London, 1744. 8vo. *

Curious Experiments in Gardening, etc. 1744. 12mo. These four works are mentioned by Johnson.

John Wilson. Synopsis of British Plants, in Ray's Method, with a Botanical Dictionary. Newcastle, 1744

1745 A Plan of Mr. Pope's Garden and Grotto, etc. 1745

1746 David Stephenson, m.a. The Gentleman's Gardener's Director of Plants, Flowers, and Trees, with a Garden Kalendar. London, 1746. 8vo. *

The Beauties of Stowe. London, 1746.

A description of the Gardens of Lord Viscount Cobham at Stowe. Northampton, 1747 A dialogue upon the Gardens of Lord Viscount Cobham at Stowe. London, 1748. 8vo. The Gardens of Lord Viscount Cobham at Stowe.

London, 1751

1746 George Bickham. The Beauties of Stowe. 1753. 8vo.

A description of the House and Gardens of the Marquis of Buckingham at Stowe. Buckingham, 1797

1747 The Complete Florist: 100 engravings. London, 1747.

8vo. Anonymous.

1748 Sir William Watson. Papers published in the Philosophical Transactions. Accounts of the remains of John Tradescant's Botanic Garden at Lambeth. 1750. Account of the Bishop of London's Garden at Fulham. 1751. And several others on similar subjects. --A Letter to Andrew Ducarel. London, 1774. 4to.

1752 Attiret-Beaumont. An Account of the Emperor of China's Gardens at Pekin, by J. D. Attiret. Translated by Sir H. Beaumont, i.e. Joseph Spence. London, 1752.

James Newton. Compleat Herbal. London, 1752. 8vo.

1753 W. Webb. A Catalogue of Seeds and Roots under their proper heads. 1753 *

Francis Coventry. Essay in " The World" of April 12th, 1753 (No. XV.) entitled, "Strictures on the absurd novelties introduced in Gardening," and a humorous description of Squire Mushroom's Villa. 1753 *