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1718. 8vo.

A Philosophical Account of the Works of Nature.

London, 1721. 4to.

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- A general Treatise of Husbandry and Gardening.

Formerly published monthly, now methodized and digested. London, 1726. 2 vols. 8vo. • A complete Body of Husbandry. London, 1727. 8vo.

-- Dictionarium Botanicum, or a Botanical Dictionary for the use of the Curious in Husbandry and Gardening. London, 1728. 2 vols. 8vo.

" A work never before attempted".

- The Riches of a Hop Garden explained. London, 1729. 8vo.

1706 - A Dictionary of Plants, their description and use.

London, 1747. 2 vols. 8vo.

Bradley was also the author of several less important treatises on Gardening and Agriculture.

1707 John Mortimer. Whole Art of Husbandry, and Countryman's Kalendar. London, 1707. 8vo. — Part II, containing additions proper for the Husbandman and Gardener. London, 1712. 8vo.

- Later editions, ed. by his grandson Thomas, 1716-1721 and 1761.

William Fleetwood, Bishop of St. Asaph and Ely. Curiosities of Nature and Art in Husbandry and Gardening. London, 1707. 8vo. *

Mentioned by Johnson.

Charles Evelyn. Ladies' Recreation: or the Pleasure and Profit of Gardening improved. London, 1707. 8vo.

Several later editions, with slightly varying titles. That of 1719 is called Lady's Recreation or the Art of Gardening farther Improved.

1710 William Salmon, m.d. The English Herbal, or History of Plants. London, 1710. Folio.

1711 Van Oosten. Dutch Gardener, or the Complete Florist.

London, 1711. 8vo. *

Said to be from the French of Le Blond.

1712 Joseph Addison. An Essay on the Pleasures of the Garden.

(The Spectator, No. 477)

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Several papers in the Phil. Trans, relating to gardens in London, etc.

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Later editions, 1715, 1716; and the 5th, 1717.

-The Gentleman's Recreation, etc. London, 1716.

— The Lady's Recreation; or the Art of Gardening improved . . . To which are added Observations concerning variegated greens by J. L. 1718. 8vo.

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— A new System of Agriculture, being a complete book of Husbandry and Gardening, etc. London, 1726. Folio.

1715 G. Clarke. The Landed Man's Assistant. 1715. 12mo.*

Mentioned by Johnson.

Stephen Switzer. The Nobleman, Gentleman and Gardener's Recreation, etc. London, 1715. 8vo.

— Ichnographia Rustica. London, 1718. 3 vols. 8vo.

This is an enlargement of the preceding work, second edition, 1741.

— The Practical Fruit Gardener, etc. London, 1724. 8vo.

-A Compendious Method for raising of Italian Brocoli . . and other Vegetables, &. London, 1729. 8vo.

— A Dissertation on the true Cythisus of the Ancients, etc. London, 1731. 8vo. *

C. J. Wolfe and James Gandon. Vitruvius Britannicus, or British Architect, containing plans, etc. of buildings and Gardens, public and private, in Great Britain ; 200 copper-plates. London. 1715

1716 Rev. Henry Stevenson. The Young Gardener's Director.

London, 1716. 12mo. * --The Gentleman Gardener instructed. London, 1716.

12mo. *

Mentioned by Johnson, who says the sixth edition is dated 1769.

1717 Joseph Carpenter. The Retir'd Gardener. London, 1717. 8vo.

Samuel Collins. Paradise Retrieved, or the Method of managing and improving Fruit Trees, with a Treatise on Melons and Cucumbers ; 12 plates. London, 1717. 8vo.

George Andrew Agricola. The Artificial Gardener. London, 1717

1717 - - Philosophical Treatise of Husbandry and Gardening.

Translated by Bradley. London, 1721

- On Planting. Edin. 1777 all three works translated from the german described by watt.

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-- The different and sometimes contrary motion of the sap in plants. Phil. Trans. 1724 -Catalogus Plantarum. See Society of Gardeners, 1730.

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-Catalogus Plantarum Officinalium quae in Horto Botanico Chelseiano atiextur. London, 1730

- The Gardener's Dictionary. London, 1731-39. Folio this was many times republished, abridged, translated, and enlarged. the second edition, 1733. in the seventh, 1751), miller adopted the linnean system of classification.

-The Gardener's Kalendar. London, 1732. 8vo. several later editions, the thirteenth dated 1782.

— The Method of Cultivating Madder, etc. London, 1758

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- A Sure Method of improving Estates by plantations of Oak, Elm, Ash, Beech, &c; London, 1728. 4to. *