1667 Abraham Cowley. The Garden (a Poem).

Printed at the end of Poems by Jeremiah Wells, which were published in 1667, in 8vo.

1669 Richard Richardson. De cultu Hortorum, Carmen.

London, 1669. 4to. *

This title is taken from Johnson's list. † Watt gives the date as 1699.

Francis Dudley (fourth Lord North). Observations and Advices oeconomical. 1669. 8vo.

S. B. [Samuel Blagrave, or as some say Billingsly.] " The Epitome of Husbandry (a complete plagiary, the first 181 pages being copied from Fitz-Herbert, and the rest from Mascall, etc.)." 1669 *

This intitulation and note are taken from Johnson.

John Worlidge. Systema Agriculture, The Mystery of Husbandry discovered . . To which is added Kalendarium Rusticum . . London, 1669. Folio Other editions appeared in 1677, 1681, and 1687.

-Vinetum Britannicum, or a Treatise of Cider . _

London, 1676. 8vo.

Other editions in 1678 and 1691.

-Systema Horticulture, or the Art of Gardening ..

London, 1677. 8vo.

1670 Iliffe. The Compleat Vineyard. 1670 *

This title is given by Johnson. It may be no more than an issue of William Hughes' book. See 1665.

Leonard Meager. The English Gardener, etc. London, 1670. 4to.

- The Mystery of Husbandry . . to which is added The Countryman's Almanack. 1697. 12mo.

- The New Art of Gardening; with the Gardener's Almanack. 1697. 12mo. 1672 Robert Morison. Plantarum Umbelliferarum Distribution Qxon. 1672. Folio.

† See under 1829.

- Plantarum Historia Universalis Oxoniensis. Pars II.

Oxon. 1680 Ejusdem Pars III, explevit Jac. Bobartius. Oxon.

1699. Folio This general work on plants incorporates the earlier " Plantarum Umbelliferarum Distributio," but was itself never completed. Only Parts II and III were written.

--Icones et descriptiones rariorum Plantarum Sicilian, Melitae, Gallia; et Italic. Oxon. 1674. 4to.

This is a translation of Paolo Boccone's Manifestum Botanicum.

Francis Drope. A Short and sure Guid in the practice of raising and ordering Fruit Trees. Oxford, 1672. 8vo.

1673 Rapinus-Evelyn. See 1658: Evelyn.

1675 Charles Cotton. The Planter's Manual, being instructions for the raising, planting, and cultivating all sorts of fruit trees . . London, 1675. 8vo.

1676 Moses Cook. The manner of raising, ordering, and improving Forrest- [and Fruit-] trees. . . London, 1676. 4to.

1677 Elsholt-Sherley. Curious Distillatory, or the Art of Distilling Coloured Spirits, Liquors, Oyls, etc. from Vegetables, by J. S. Elsholt, and Englished by Thomas Sherley. London, 1677. 8vo.

1681 T. Langford. Plain and Full Instructions to raise all sorts of Fruit Trees that prosper in England. London, 1681. 8vo.

- The Practical Planter of Fruit Trees. London, 1681.

8vo. *

- second edition, with two chapters of Greens and Greenhouses. 1696. 8vo. *

The Practical Planter is mentioned by Watt as a distinct work from the Plain and Full Instructions.

1682 Samuel Gilbert. The Florists Vade-Mecum . . London, 1682. 12mo.

A second edition appeared in 1683, and a third enlarged in 1702.

1682 John Houghton. A Collection of Letters for the improvement of Husbandry and Trade. London, 1682. 4to.

Issued in numbers in 1681-82.

1683 Commelin-G. V. X. The Belgick or Netherlandish Hesperides, that is, the management, ordering and use of the Lemon and Orange Trees, made English by G. V. N. (from the Dutch of Commelin). 1683. 8vo.

1684 Richard Haines. Aphorisms upon the new way of improving Cyder, or making Cyder-Royal . . raising and planting of Apple-trees, etc. London, 1684. Folio.

1685 [William Ellis.] The Complete Planter & Ciderist, or choice Collections and Observations for the propagating all manner of Fruit-Trees . . By a Lover of Planting. London, 1685. 8vo.

The author's name does not appear in the book.

Sir William Temple. Upon the Garden of Epicurus, or of Gardening in the year 1685.

A treatise on Gardening, especially relating to the Gardens at Sheen, written in 1685; published in the Miscellaneous Works of Temple, in 1705 and 1720; perhaps also in the edition which had appeared in 1689.

1693 De la Quintinye-Evelyn. See 1658 : Evelyn.

1694 Sir Dudley Cullum. A new invented Stove, for preserving Plants in the Green House in Winter. 4to. Printed in the Philosophical Transactions of 1694.

1699 London and Wise. The Compleat Gard'ner [of J. de la Quintinye, translated by John Evelyn] . . now compendiously abridged . . with very considerable improvements. By George London and Henry Wise. London, 1699. 8vo.

For the unabridged translation, see 1658 : John Evelyn.

Other editions in 1701, 1704 and 1710.

--- The Retir'd Gardener, from the French of Louis Liger. London, 1706. 2 vols. 8vo.

-- The Solitary or Carthusian Gardener, from the French of Francois le Gentil. London, 1706. 2 vols. 8vo. The same work, with a different title. Vol. I is from the French of Louis Liger. Vol. II from Le Gentil.

Fruit Walls improved by inclining them to the Horizon. 1699. 4to.

1700 Timothy Nourse. Campania Felix, or Discourses of the benefits and improvements of Husbandry, London, 1700. 8vo.

1702 T. SNOW. Apopiroscopy, or experiments and observations on several Arts (Building, Agriculture, Gardening. &c). London, 1702. 8vo.

1703 Le Bloxd—James. The Theory and Practice of Gardening, translated from the French of A. Le Blond, by John James. London, 1703. 8vo.

— other editions. London, 1712 and 1728. 4to.

1704 Smith. The Husbandman's Magazine. 1704 *

Only mentioned by Johnson.

Dictionarium Rusticum et Urbanicum. A Dictionary of all sorts of Count}- Affairs, trading, etc. London. 1704. 8vo. Anonymous.

1705 Richard Bradley. Paintings of his succulent plants, with written accounts of them. 1706 — A treatise on Succulent Plants. London, 1710 - Historia Plantarum succulentarum. London, 1716-27. 4to.