——- - (another edition, to which are added) Observations upon Sir Francis Bacon's Nat. Hist., also directions for planting wood. Oxford, 1665. 4to.

-- Observations upon some part of Sir F. Bacon's Naturall History as it concerns fruit trees, fruits, and flowers. Oxford, 1658. 4to.

This was the first edition of the " Observations," which were afterwards annexed as a second part to the 1665 edition of the " Treatise".

1653 John Beale. A Treatise on Fruit Trees shewing their manner of Grafting, Pruning, and Ordering, of Cyder and Perry, of Vineyards in England, etc. Oxford, 1653. 4to.

— The Hereford Orchards ; a pattern for the whole of England. London, 1657. 12mo.

---General Advertisements concerning Cyder, etc.

London, 1677. 4to.

— Nurseries, Orchards, Profitable Gardens, and Vineyards encouraged, (by Anthony Lawrence and John Beal). 1677. 4to.

1656 William Coles. The Art of Simpling. An Introduction to the Knowledge and gathering of Plants . . London, J. G. for Nath. Brook, 1656. 12mo.

—- Adam in Eden, or Nature's Paradise : the History of Plants, Herbs, and Flowers. 1657. Folio.

1656 John Tradescant. Museum Tradescantianum, or a collection of Rarities preserved at South-Lambeth near London. London, John Grismond, 1656. Small 8vo.

1658 Sir Thomas Browne, m.d. Hydriotaphia, or a Discourse of Sepulchral Urns lately found in Norfolk; together with the Garden of Cyrus, etc. London, 1658.

John Evelyn. The French Gardiner . . . Transplanted into English by Philocepos (i.e. J. E.). London, 1658. Small 8vo.

- Sylva, or a Discourse of Forest-Trees . . To which is annexed Pomona, or an Appendix concerning Fruit-Trees, etc. London, 1664. Folio.

— The English Vineyard Vindicated—see 1666, John Rose.

— Kalendarium Hortense; or the Gardener's Almanac, directing what he is to do monthly throughout the year. The second Edition . . London, 1666. 8vo. The first edition had been issued as portion of the Sylva in 1664.

1658 — - A Philosophical Discourse of Earth, relating to the culture and improvement of it for Vegetation . . London, 1676. 8vo.

- Of Gardens. 4 books. First written in Latin verse by Renatus Rapinus, now made English by j. E-London, 1673. 8vo.

-The Compleat Gard'ner, etc. ... by J. de la Quintinye . . made English by John Evelyn . . London, 1693. Folio. 2 vols.

Evelyn's " Directions concerning Melons" forms part of Vol. II. See also 1699 : London and Wise. --Acetaria. A Discourse of Sallets. London, 1699 . . 8vo.

1659 Robert Lovell. Compleat Herbal.

Oxford, 1659. 8vo.

- The second edition, with many additions. Oxford, 1665. 8vo.

Copies of both editions are in the Bodleian.

Thomas Ducket. Proceedings concerning the improvement of all manner of land, etc. 1659. 1660 Robert Sharrock. The History of the Propagation and Improvement of Vegetables, by the Concurrence of Art and Nature. Oxford, 1660. 8vo, second edition, much enlarged. Oxford, 1672. 8vo. third edition. London, 1694. 8vo.

John Ray. Catalogus Plantarum circa Cantabrigiam nascentium. Cantab. 1660. 8vo.

— Appendix ad Catalogum . . Cantab. 1663. 8vo.

These were anonymously published. A second Appendix was printed in 1685.

- Catalogus Plantarum Anglise et insularum adjacentium.

Lond. 1670. 8vo. -Synopsis methodica Stirpium Britannicarum. 1690.

8vo. *

-another issue, enlarged. 1696. 8vo.

The Synopsis is an improved edition of the Catalogus of 1670.

-Catalogus Stirpium in exteris regionibus . . 1673. 8vo.

--Historia Plantarum generalis. 1686-1688-1704. 3 vols.

— Stirpium Europsearum extra Britanniam nascentium Sylloge. 1694. 8vo.

- Philosophical Letters . . 1718. 8vo.

Various other works of this excellent botanist are recorded in Watt's Bibliotheca. His name was originally spelled Wray, but he seems to have dropped the W himself.

1664 John Forster. England's Happiness Increased, or a sure and easie remedy against all succeeding Dear Years. By a plantation of the roots called Potatoes. London, 1664. 4to.

Le Gendre-Forster. The Manner of ordering Fruit Trees . . by the Sieur Le Gendre. London, 1664. * " Sieur Le Gendre" is a pseudonym for Robert Arnault d'Andilly. The translator was John Forster.

Stephen Blake. The Complete Gardener's Practice.

London, 1664. 4to. Jonathan Goddard, m.d. Observations concerning the texture and similar parts of a Tree.

-- The Fruit Tree's Secrets.

These treatises were papers read to the Royal Society, and were only printed in Evelyn's Sylva in 1664.

William Hughes. The Complete Vineyard, etc. London, 1665. 4to.

— The Flower Garden, etc. London, 1671 and 1672. 12mo.

-The American Physician ; or a Treatise of the Roots, Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Fruit, Herbs, etc. growing in the English Plantations . . London, 1672. 12mo.

1665 John Rea. Flora, seu de Florum cultura; or a complete Florilege. London, 1665. Folio *

--Flora, Ceres, et Pomona. 1676. Folio An enlarged edition of the preceding. John Rea, gentleman, who was resident at Kinlet, near Bewdley, in Worcestershire, in 1676, is sometimes mistaken for John Ray the learned Divine and Naturalist, but the latter was nearly thirty years younger.

Philosophical Transactions, published by the Royal Society, were begun in 1665.

The following are among the contributors to the early volumes (before 1700) of papers on Botanical or Horticultural Subjects— John Beaumont, James Cunningham, John Evelyn, Hon. Charles Howard, Anthony van Lunwenhock, Martin Lister, Christopher Merret, James Petiver, Robert Plott, John Ray, Richard Richardson, Sir Hans Sloane. John Temple, Ezekiel Yonge.

1666 John Rose. The English Vineyard Vindicated . . London, 1666. 8vo.

With a preface by Philocepos, i.e. John Evelyn. It was reissued in a third edition in 1675, as an appendix to Evelyn's French Gardiner.