1626 Adam Speed. Adam out of Eden . . London, 1626. 8vo. *

Watt and Allibone give this date to the first edition, and treat the volume of 1659 as a reprint. Johnson calls him Adolphus Speed.

-Adam out of Eden, or an abstract of divers excellent Experiments touching the advancement of Husbandry.

London, printed for Henry Brome, 1659. 8vo.

-- The Reformed Husbandman. 1651.

This is set down elsewhere as a work by Hartlib. Simon Harward. The Art of Propagating plants—printed with the third edition of William Lawson's New Orchard and Garden. See 1618 1629 John Parkinson. Paradisi in sole, Paradisus terrestris, or a Garden of all sorts of pleasant flowers . . with a kitchen garden . . and an Orchard. H. Lownes and R. Young, 1629. Folio Reissued in 1635, with an additional letterpress title bearing that date. -the second impression, corrected and enlarged. 1656.

Folio ---Theatrum Botanicum. The Theater of Plants. Or an Vniversall and compleate Herball . . Tho. Cotes, 1640. Folio Thomas Johnson, m.d. Iter Plantarum investigationis ergo susceptum . . in Agrum Cantianum . . 1629 Julii 13. Ericetum Hamstedianum sive plantarum ibi crescen-tium observatio . . [Londini, 1629.] 4to.

- Descriptio Itineris Plantarum investigationis ergo suscepti in agrum Cantianum anno Dom. 1632, et enumeratio plantarum in Ericeto Hampstediano . . . T. Cotes, 1632. 8vo.

1629 --Mercurius Botanicus; sive Plantarum gratia suscepti Itineris anno MDCXXXIY Descriptio . . T. Cotes, 1634-41. 3 parts 8vo. -— The Herball . . 1633. Folio. See 1597, JOHN Gerard 1639 Gabriel Plattes. A Discovery of Infinite Treasure, hidden since the Worlds beginning, whereunto all men . . are . . invited to be sharers with the discoverer, G. P. . . London, Printed for J. E. . 1639. 4to.

--A Discovery of Subterraneall Treasure, viz. of all manner of Mines and Mineralls . . I. Okes for J. Emery, 1639. 4to.- [another edition] Whereunto is added a real experiment whereby every ignorant man . . may try what colour any berry, leaf or wood will give. . . 1679. 4to.

--other editions.

-The Profitable Intelligencer . . containing many secrets and experiments [with a view to improvement of Agriculture . .]. 1644. 4to.

1640 C. de Sercy. The Expert Gardener, or a Treatise concerning Gardening and Grafting. London, 1640. 4to. * Mentioned by Johnson and Watt, but not recorded elsewhere.

(1645 ?) Isaac de Caus. Wilton Garden. [Etchings of the Flowerbeds, Fountains, Arbours, etc. of the Earl of Pembroke's Gardens at Wilton.] About 1645. 4to.

- New and Rare Invention of Water-Works shewing the easiest waies to raise Water higher than the Spring . . Translated into English by Iohn Leak. London, 1659. Folio 1645 Samuel Hartlib. Discourse of Husbandrie used in Brabant and Flanders. London, 1645. 4to. *

Mentioned in Watt's Bibliotheca.

- (second edition). 1650. 4to. *

Mentioned by Weston and Watt.

- The Third Edition, corrected and enlarged. London, Printed by William Dugard, 1654. 4to. *

Described by Hazlitt de visu.

— Samuel Hartlib his Legacie; or an Enlargement of the Discourse of Husbandry used in Brabant and Flanders . . with Appendix. 1651. 4to.

Other editions in 1652 and 1655.

-- An Essay for advancement of Husbandry-Learning; or Propositions for the errecting Colledge of Husbandry . . London, Printed by Henry Hills, 1651. 4to.

- The Reformed Husbandman, or a brief treatise of the errors, defects . . of English husbandrie ..

1651. 4to. *

This treatise is elsewhere attributed to Adam Speed. See 1626. In appears in Watt under both names.

- Cornucopia, a miscellaneum of lucriferous and most fructiferous Experiments, observations and discoveries. 1652

- A Designe for Plentie, by an Vniversall planting of Frvit-Trees, 1652. 4to.

Also issued without a date, and in 1654.

- A Discoverie for Division or setting out of Land, as to the best forms. Richard Wodenothe, 1653. 4to.

1648 Jacob Bobart. Hortus Medicus Oxoniensis . . Catalogus Plantarum Horti Medici Oxoniensis Latino-Anglicus et Anglico-Latinus. Oxon. 1648. 8vo. 2 parts in 1.

The title to the English part is " An English Catalogue of the Trees and Plants in the Physicke Garden of the University of Oxford, with the Latin names added thereunto. Oxford, H. Hall, 1648." The book was reproduced by Simon Paulli at Copenhagen in 1653 in his " Viridaria varia regia et academica".

1649 Walter Blith. The English Improver, or a New Survey of Husbandry . . London, J. Wright, 1649. 4to.

- The English Improver Improved, or the Svrvey of Hvsbandry Svrveyed . . The third Impression . . John Wright, 1652. 4to.

(1650 ?) Peter Stent. Book of Flowers, Fruits, Beasts, Birds, and Flies . . 4to. A set of engravings *

Ascribed by Hazlitt conjecturally to 1660, but it must have preceded the following. Stent and Simpson were two engravers in London about or before the middle of the seventeenth century.

1650 William Simpson. The Second Booke of flowers, fruicts, beastes, birds, and flies exactly drawne, etc. London, 1650. 4to.

--- another issue. 1661. 4to.

William How. Phytologia Britannica, natales exhibens Indigenarum Stirpium sponte emergentium Londini, 1650. 8vo.

1652 Nicholas Culpepper. The English Physitian, or an Astrologico-Physical Discourse of the vulgar Herbs of this Nation. London, Peter Cole, 1652. Folio *

--another issue. 1652, without publisher's name. 12mo.*

This is the work popularly known as Culpepper's Herbal. An edition said to be enlarged was printed in 1654, and was the parent of all succeeding issues which have appeared frequently down to the present century.

1653 A Book of Fruits and Flowers shewing the nature and use of them . . London, 1653.

Ralph Austen. A Treatise of Fruit Trees . . Oxford, 1653. 4to.

--- second edition, with the addition of many new experiments. Oxford, 1657. 4to.