1599 Dubravius— . . A New Booke of good Husbandry . . Written in Latin by Janus Dubravius and translated into English at the speciall request of George Churchey..

London, William White, 1599. Small 4to.

The translator's name is not known.

Gardner's Kitchen Garden. Profitable Instructions for the Manuring, Sowing, and Planting of Kitchen Gardens . . Edw. Allde for Edward White, 1599. Small 4to. * This first edition is so described by Lowndes, and is mentioned in Piatt's Garden of Eden ; but no copy has been traced.

1599 - Profitable Instructions for the Manvring, Sowing, and Planting of Kitchin Gardens . . Imprinted at London by Edward Allde for Edward White . . 1603. Small 4to. *

This second edition is so described de visit in Hazlitt's third Collection of Bibliographical Notes. He calls the author Richard Gardiner; under which name he seeks to indicate Richard Gardner of Shrewsbury, a dyer and draper, who is described as a public benefactor of that town, in Owen and Blakeway's Shrewsbury.

1600 Estienne and Liebault-Surflet. Maison Rustique or the Covntrie Farme, compiled in the French tongue by Charles Steuens and John Liebault, and translated by Ric. Surflet. E. Bollifant for B. Norton, 1600. Small folio -another edition, augmented by Gervase Markham.

1616. Folio.

1601 John Taverner. Certaine Experiments concerning Fish and Fruit . . Printed for William Ponsonby . . 1601. Small 4to.

1604 N. F. The Frviterer's Secrets . . London, printed by R.B., solde by Roger Iackson, 1604. Small 4to.

-reprinted with a different title in 1608 and 1609. See below.

1606 Dodoens-Lyte-Ram. Rams little Dodeon. A briefe Epitome of the new Herbal or History of Plants . . lately translated into English by Henry Lyte . . abridged by William Ram. London, Simon Stafford, 1606. Small 4to.

See 1578: Dodeens-Lyte.

1607 De Serres-Goffe. The Perfect Vse of Silk-Wormes and their benefit . . done out of the French originall of Olivier de Serres, Lord of Pradel, into English by Nicholas Goffe . . London, Felix Kyngston, 1607. Small 4to.

1608-9 N. F. The Husbandman's fruitfull Orchard, shewing diuers rare new secrets for the true Ordering of all sortes of fruite . . London, Roger Iackson, 1609. Small 4to.

This work had already appeared in 1608. It is the same book as the " Fruiterer's Secrets" of 1604.

1609 W. S. Instructions for the increasing of Mulberie Trees, and the breeding of Silke-wormes for the making of Silke in this Kingdome. Whereunto is annexed his Majesties Letters to the Lords Liefetenants . tending to that purpose. London, E. A. for E. Edgar, 1609. 4to.

1612 R. C. An Olde Thrift newly revived . . the manner of planting, preserving, and husbanding yong Trees . . London, W. S. for Richard Moore. 1612. 4to. * Described by Hazlitt de visit in the Collections and Notes.

1613 Arthur Standish. New Directions of Experience to the Commons Complaint . . for the planting of Timber and Fire-wood . . 1613. 4to.

Gervase Markham. The English Hvsbandman. The First Part : contayning the Knowledge of the true Nature of euery Soyle . . . Together with the Art of Planting, Grafting, and Gardening . . By G. M. . . London, T. S. for John Browne, 1613. 4to.

- The Second Booke of the English Husbandman. Con-teyning the ordering of the Kitchen-Garden . . London, T. S. 1614. 4to.

The work was reprinted " enlarged by the author" in 3 parts 4to. in 1635.

--- Maison Rustique. 1616. See 1600: Estienne and Liebault-Surflet. -The Country Housewifes Garden . . Together with the Husbandry of Bees . . with diuers new knots for gardens, by G. M. 1617. 4to.

The same book was reissued with Lawson's New Orchard in 1618 and alone in 1620 and 1623.

1613--Markhams Farewell to Husbandry; or, the inriching of all sorts of barren and sterill grounds . . I. B. for Roger Jackson, 1620. 4to.

-The Inrichment of the Weald of Kent . . G. P. for R. Jackson, 1625. 4to. - The Whole Art of Husbandrie, by C. Heresbach, translated by B.Googe, enlarged by Gervase Markham, 1631. 4to.

See 1577, Heresbach-Googe.

- A Way to get Wealthe . . 1638-31-38. 410.

A compilation of some of Markham's agricultural works, already issued separately.

-The Countrymans Recreation, or the Art of Planting, Grafting, and Gardening . . London, 1640. 4to. Reprinted in 1653 and 1654.

1614 The Maske of Flowers . . upon Twelfth Night, 1613 . . at the marriage of the Earle of Somerset . . N. O. for R. Wilson, 1614. Small 4to.

This poetical piece finds a place here as containing, in the Stage-directions, an admirable description of an Elizabethan garden.

1615 Passe-Wood. A garden of Flowers, wherein . . is contained a . . discription of al the flowers contained in these foure followinge bookes . . translated out of the Netherlandish [by E. W. or rather T. Wood ?]. S. de Roy for Crispin de Passe, Utrecht, 1615. 2 parts, oblong 4to. 163 plates.

1618 William Lawson. A new Orchard and Garden. Or the best way for planting . . With the Country House-wifes Garden . . B. Alsop for R. Jackson, 1618-17. 2 parts in 1 vol. 4to.

— - second edition. I. H. for Roger Iackson, 1623. 4to.

- Now the third time corrected and much enlarged ..

Whereunto is newly added the art of propagating plants (by Simon Harward). I. H. for F. Williams, 1626. 4 parts in 1 vol. small 4to.

Reissued in 1638 in Markham's Way to get Wealth.

1624 Sir Henry Wotton. The Elements of Architecture . . London, John Bill, 1624. 4to.

1625 Francis Bacon (Viscount St. Albans) The Essayes or Covnsels, Civill and Morall, of Francis Lo. Verulam Viscount St. Albans. Newly enlarged. 4to.

This is apparently the first edition in which the Essay on Gardens was printed.

— Sylva sylvarum : or a Naturall Historie . . Published after the Author's death. By William Rawley ..

London, 1627. 4to.

The edition of 1676 is called tenth edition. Rawley was Bacon's chaplain and secretary.