Reissued at least twice (in 1576 and 1577) before the appearance of the final and complete edition in 1580.

-- Five hundred pointes of good Husbandrie . . Henrie Denham, London, 1580. Small 4to.

The parent edition of all which followed, and the last which was published by Tusser himself.

The reprints were numerous from that time onwards.

--Fiue hundred pointes of good husbandrie. The edition of 1580 collated with those of 1573 and 1577 .. with a reprint of " A Hundreth good pointes . . 1557".

Edited by W. Payne and Sidney J. Herrtage. Early English Dialect Society, London, 1878. 8vo.

1561 (Braunschweig-Hollybush) A most excellent and Perfecte Homish Apothecarye, or homely physick booke . . Translated out of the Almaine speche . . by Ihon Hollybush . A. Birckman, Collen, 1561. Folio It has been alleged that the name of John Hollybush in this book is merely pseudonymous for Miles Coverdale (as it was in the Latin-English New Testament of 1538).

1563 Thomas Hill. A most briefe and pleasaunt treatyse, teachynge howe to dress, sowe, and set a garden . . T. Marshe, London, 1563. Small 8vo. Probably the earliest appearance of "the Arte of Gardening." A second edition is unknown.

-The profitable Arte of Gardening, now the third tyme set fourth . . To this annexed, two . . treatises ..

T. Marshe, London, 1568. Small 8vo. -The profitable Arte . . Whereunto is newly added a treatise of the Arte of graffing and planting of trees.

H. Bynneman, London, 1574. Small 4to.

This edition bears upon its title the statement " now the third time set forth," just as in the edition of 1568.

Later editions were printed in 1579, 1586, 1593, and 1608, and in the last two of these a " Treatise on Bees " is included.

The author was probably the same person as Didymus Mountain who wrote the Gardener's Labyrinth.

Didymus Mountain [ Thomas Hill ] The Gardener's Labyrinth : containing a discourse of the Gardener's life . . . [completed by Henry Dethick]. H. Bynneman, London, 1577. Small 4to.

Later editions appeared in 1594 and 1608.

1570 Matthias de L'Obel Stirpium Adversaria Nova . . Londini, 1570-71. Folio Written in collaboration with Petrus Pena, under whose name it is usually placed.

-Accessit altera pars . . T. Purfoot, Londini, 1605 . . 3 parts in 1, folio.

--Plantarum seu Stirpium Historia cui adnexum est Adversariorum volumen. Antwerp, Plantin, 1576. Folio.

--Plantarum seu Stirpium Icones. Antwerp. Plantin, 1581. Oblong 4to. (Reprinted in 1591).

1572 Leonard Mascall. A Booke of the Arte and maner, howe to plant and graffe all sortes of trees ... by one of the Abbey of Saint Vincent in Fraunce, with an addition of certaine Dutch practices, set forth and Englished by L. Mascall. Henrie Denham for John Wight [1572]. 4to.

Other editions, in 1575, 1580?, 1582, and 1592.

1574 Reginald Scot. A perfite platforme of a Hoppe Garden . . London, Henrie Denham, 1574. Small 4to. Reprinted in 1576 and 1578, " newly corrected and augmented".

1577 Heresbach-Googe. Foure Bookes of Husbandry, collected by M. Conradus Heresbachius . . Newely Englished, and increased, by Barnabe Googe. London, Richard Watkins, 1577. Small 4to.

Other editions in 1578, 1586, 1614, 1631, and 1658.

Monardes-Frampton. Joyfull Newes out of the newe founde worlde, wherein is declared the rare and singuler vertues of diuerse . . Hearbes . . Englished by John Frampton . . London, W. Norton, 1577. Small 4to.

It comprises a description and a woodcut of the Tobacco-plant.

The Spanish author was Nicolas Monardes, frequently styled Dr. Monardus in the editions of the translation.

Reprinted in 1580 and 1596, with some additions.

1578 (Dodoens-Lyte) A Niewe Herball or Historie of Plantes .. set fowrth in the Doutche or Almaigne tongue by that learned D. Rembert Dodoens . . Nowe first translated out of French into English by Henry Lyte . . Antwerpe, 1578. Folio another edition. London, 1586. 4to.

--corrected and amended. London, 1595. 4to.

-another edition. London, 1619. Folio.

The English version was made from the French translation executed by Charles de 1'Ecluse (C. A. Clusius).

See also 1606: Dodoens-Lyte-Ram.

1579 William Lang ham. The Garden of Health, conteyning the sundry rare and hidden vertues and properties of all kindes of Simples and Plants gathered by long experience and industrie. London, 1579 . . Small 4to.

Reprinted in 1633.

1583-7 Ralph Holinshed. Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland . . London, 1586-87. 3 vols, folio.

This second edition (the first was published in 1577) contains in the description of England (by William Harrison), prefixed to the Chronicle, some references to gardens and orchards in England.

1594 Sir Hugh Platt. The Jewell House of Art and Nature.

Conteining diuers rare and profitable Inuentions, together with sundry new experiments in the Art of Husbandry, Distillation, and Moulding . . London, Peter Short, 1594- 4to. Floraes Paradise, beautified and adorned with sundry sorts of delicate fruites and flowers, by the industrious labour of H. P. knight . . London, H. L. for William Leake . . 1608. Small 8vo.

- the same work, reprinted under the title of The Garden of Eden. 1653. Small 4to.

This edition was brought out, after the author's death, by his kinsman Charles Bellingham, who signs the dedication, 1596 John Gerard or Gerarde. Catalogus Arborum, fruticum ac plantarum tam indigenarum quam exoticarum in horto Gerardi nascentium. Londini, ex off. Roberti Robinson, 1596. Small 8vo.

The copy in the British Museum is probably unique.

- reprinted in 1876 under the title of "A Catalogue of Plants " . . . with notes. B. D. Jackson ..

-The Herball, or Generall Historie of Plantes.

London, J. Norton, 1597. Folio ---reprinted with considerable augmentation and improvement by Thomas Johnson in 1633 This immense work of standard character contains 19 preliminary leaves (including the engraved title), 1631 pp. of text, and 46 pp. of tables, etc. It has several hundreds of woodcut illustrations. Most of them appeared in the original edition of 1597, but a large number was added by Johnson in 1033.