1766 John Locke. Observations upon the growth and culture of Vines and Olives, etc, from his original MS. in the possession of the Earl of Shaftesbury. London, 1766. 8vo.

1767 The rise and progress of the present Taste in planting Parks, Pleasure Grounds, Gardens, etc, from the time of Henry VIII. to George III. In a poetic epistle to the Right Hon. Charles, Lord Viscount Irwin. 1767.

James Rutter and Daniel Carter. Modern Eden, or the Gardener's universal Guide, etc. London, 1767. 8vo. *

John Giles. Ananas ; or a Treatise on the Pine Apple, etc. To which is added the true method of raising the finest Melons with the greatest success, etc. London, 1767. 8vo.

Geo. Dionysius Ehret, f.r.s. Of a new Peruvian Plant lately introduced into the English Gardens (the nolana prostrata of Linnaeus). Phil. Trans. 1767.

John Abercrombie. Every Man his own Gardener. 1767. 12mo.

This work has the name of Thomas Mawe also on the title, and went through several later editions. The Universal Gardener and Botanist, etc. London, 1778. 4to.

— The Garden Mushroom, its Nature and Cultivation, etc. London, 1779. 8vo.

--The British Fruit Garden, and Art of Pruning, etc.

London, 1779. 8vo.

- The Complete Forcing Gardener, etc. London, 1781. 12mo.

- The Complete Wall-tree Pruner, etc. London, 1783. 12mo.

- The Propagation and Botanical Arrangement of Plants and Trees, useful and ornamental. London, 1785.

2 vols. 12mo.

- The Gardener's Pocket Dictionary, etc. London, 1786.

3 vols. 12mo.

Daily Assistant in the Modern Practice of English Gardening, etc. London, 1789. 12mo.

- The Universal Gardener's Kalendar, etc. London, 1789. 12mo.

- The Complete Kitchen Gardener, and Hot-bed Forcer, etc. London, 1789. 12mo.

- The Gardener's Vade-mecum, etc. London, 1789. 8vo.

- The Hot-house Gardener, etc. London, 1789. 8vo.

--- The Gardener's Pocket Journal, etc. London, 1791. 12mo.

Most of these works went through several editions.

1768 George Mason. An Essay on Design Gardening.

London, 1768. 8vo. -Revised edition. 1795.

John Gibson, m.d. The Fruit Gardener, containing the method of raising Stocks for multiplying Fruit Trees, etc. London, 1768. 8vo.

Presumably by J. Gibson, although his name does not appear on the title-page.

Thomas Wildman. A Treatise on the culture of Peach Trees, to which is added a Treatise on the management of Bees. 1768

1769 James Garton. The Practical Gardener and Gentleman's Directory for every month in the year, etc. London, 1769. 12mo.

Anthony Powell. The Royal Gardener, or complete Calendar of Gardening for every month in the year, etc. London, 1769. 12mo. *

Adam Taylor. A Treatise on the Anana, or Pine Apple, etc. Devizes, 1769. 8vo.

The Hon. Daines Barrington. On the Trees which are supposed to be Indigenous in Great Britain. 1769 — Chestnut Trees not Indigenous in Great Britain. 1771

- Mr. Pegge's Observations on the Growth of the Vine in England, considered and answered. 1777 — On the Progress of Gardening, in a letter to Mr. Norris, 1782.

These treatises are all published in the Archaeologia.

1769 Richard Weston. Tracts on practical Agriculture and Gardening ... to which is added, a Complete Chronological Catalogue of English Authors on Agriculture, Gardening, etc. London, 1769. 8vo.

--Second edition, greatly enlarged. 1773.

The author's name appears in this but not in the first edition.

--Botanicus universalis et hortulanus, etc. 4 vols.

London, 1770-1777. 8vo. --The Gardener's and Planter's Calendar. London, 1773. 8vo.

—- The Gardener's Pocket Calendar. (2nd ed.) London, 1780.

---Flora Anglicana. London, 1775-89. 8vo.

- A new cheap Manure . . . Alabaster or gypsum.

Leicester, 1791. 8vo.

1770 Horace Walpole. Essay on Modern Gardening, written in 1770, printed with a French translation on opposite pages by the Due de Nivernois. Strawberry Hill, 1785. 4to.

John Dove. Strictures on Agriculture, wherein a discovery of the Physical course of Vegetation, of the Food of Plants, and the Rudiments of Tillage, is attempted. London, 1770. 12mo.

Linnaeus - Milne. Institutes of Botany; containing accurate, compleat, and easy Descriptions of all the known Genera of Plants ; from the Latin of Charles Van Linne, by Rev. Colin Milne, ll.d. London, 1770. 4to.

A Botanical Dictionary; or, Elements of Systematic and Philosophical Botany, etc. London, 1770. 8vo. 2nd edition, 1777. Supplement, 1778. 3rd and enlarged edition, 1805. 8vo.

The Gardener's Alphabetical Calendar. 1770. 12mo.

The Pocket Kitchen Gardener. 1770. 12mo. *

The Pocket Flower Gardener. 1770. 12mo. *

These three works, without author's names, are mentioned by Johnson.

Thomas Wheatley, or Whately. Observations on Modern Gardening, illustrated by descriptions. London, 1770. 8vo.

Several later editions—the 5th, 1793.

John Ellis. Directions for bringing over Seeds and Plants from the East Indies and other distant Countries in a state of Vegetation. London, 1770. 4to.

Description of the Mangostan and Bread Fruit Tree. London, 1775. 4to.

- An Historical Account of Coffee. With engravings and botanical descriptions of the tree ... its culture and use. London, 1774. 4to.

1771 Matthew Peters. The Rational Farmer, or a Treatise on Agriculture and Tillage. London, 1771. 8vo.

James Meader. The Modern Gardener or Universal Kalendar . . . from the Diary and MSS. of the late Mr. Flitt, corrected and improved by j. M. London, 1771. 12mo. *

- The Planter's Guide or Pleasure Gardener's Companion. London, 1779. Oblong 8vo.

John Dicks. The New Gardener's Dictionary, or the whole Art of Gardening fully and accurately displayed.

London, 1771. Folio.

An edition of 1769 is mentioned by Watt.

John Reinhold Forster, ll.d. Florae Americae Septen-trionalis, or A Catalogue of the Plants of North America. London, 1771. 8vo. Characteres generum Plantarum, quas in itinere ad insulas Maris Australis, illegerunt, descripserunt, et delineaverunt annis 1772-3. London, 1776. 4to.