Crouton For Soup

Cut bread in slices one-half inch thick, remove the crusts, spread with butter, cut in cubes. Put in the pan, being careful to keep the buttered side up. Cook in the oven until golden brown. Serve hot; or heat butter in the frying pan, and fry the bread unbuffered.

Baked Crackers

One-half teaspoon of butter to each whole cracker. Split round Boston crackers, spread them with a thin layer of butter. Put them buttered side up into a pan, and brown in a hot oven. Serve plain, or with soups and oyster stews.

Baked Crackers With Cheese

Mix six tablespoons of grated cheese, a saltspoon of pepper, a speck of salt. Split six Boston crackers, butter them and put a teaspoon of the cheese mixture on them. Bake till crisp and brown.

Cheese Canopees

Cut stale bread in slices one-half inch thick;, cut with small biscuit-cutter. Then cut the circles in half; they should be crescent shape. Spread with butter, sprinkle with pepper and Parmesan cheese. Brown in oven.

Crouton Souffle

Into half a pint of cold water stir, until smooth, one and a half cupfuls of flour, turn the same into a spider with a small cup of butter, cook and stir all the time until well done; when cooled add four beaten eggs; beat well and drop the dough in small round balls on a tin, fifteen minutes.

Celery Soup

One head of celery, two cups of mashed potatoes, one onion, one quart of milk, one cup of whipped cream. Chop the best part of the celery. Put into double boiler the milk; when hot season; add the celery potatoes and onion, cut in fine pieces. Cook forty moments, rub through a sieve, return to double boiler; when very hot pour into heated soup tureen, stir in the whipped cream.

Cardinal Soup

One pint of white broth, one pint of good milk, one onion, a bouquet, six beets, two tablespoons of butter, two of flour, one-half teaspoon of salt, one-fourth teaspoon of white pepper. Boil the beets till soft and strain out the juice. Put the broth and milk in double boiler, add the bouquet tied in a small piece of cheese cloth, when hot remove the bouquet. Heat the butter in hot saucepan and fry chopped onion till of a golden brown. Strain out the onion, add to the butter the flour, pour gradually over this a part of the hot milk and broth, then stir all into the double boiler. Cook five minutes, strain, add the hot juice of the beets. More seasoning may be needed.

Okra Gumbo

One tender five-pound chicken, one onion, one-half dozen tomatoes, one and one-half dozen okra, browned flour, two red peppers. Wash the chicken clean and cut in small pieces. Put two tablespoons of butter in a saucepan, have the onion sliced and sprinkled with browned flour and fry a light brown, then add the red peppers cut up fine, then sprinkle the chicken with brown flour, then add sliced tomatoes and fry altogether a light brown. Put in soup kettle; add two quarts of hot water. Then add the sliced okra, season with salt to taste, cook two hours. This soup must be thick, dark and rich. Serve with rice cooked dry.