Batter Pudding

One quart of milk, one pint of sifted flour, four eggs, one saltspoon of salt; beat the eggs, stir into the milk, and add very gradually into the flour, so that it will not become Lumpy; add the salt; beat all well. Fill a well-greased pudding dish two-thirds full, and put into a pot half full of boiling water. It should come only half way up the pudding dish. Boil one hour and a quarter. If the water boils away add more boiling water. If the water stops boiling, or the kettle is moved, the pudding will he heavy.

Batter Pudding No. 2

Six eggs, six tablespoons of flour, one saltspoon of salt and one quart of milk. Follow the same directions as given in the previous recipe.

Bird's Nest Pudding

Use the same recipe as for boiled batter pudding. Peel and core six apples that will cook quickly; lay them in a baking-dish, and fill the cores with sugar and a little cinnamon; cover with the batter, and cook from one-half to three-quarters of an hour in a hot oven. Serve with sauce.

Bread Pudding

Cut the crust off a stale five-cent loaf of bread; cut in thin slices; pour milk over the bread, and heat until the bread has soaked up the milk; stir in butter the size of an egg; let stand until cold; grate in one-fourth of a nutmeg; add half a teaspoon of rose water, four well beaten eggs. Boil in a cloth which has been wet in hot water, and sprinkled with flour. Put in the pudding and tie loosely so as to allow space to swell. Or, fill a pudding mould two-thirds full, and boil one hour, as directed in batter pudding.

Banana Pudding

Cut sponge cake in slices, and, in a glass dish, put alternately a layer of cake and a layer of bananas sliced. Make a soft custard, flavor with wine (Sherry, Port or Brandy), and pour over it. Beat the whites of the eggs, add a tablespoon of sugar, and heap over the whole.

Apple Pot Pie

Six apples peeled and quartered, and one-half cup of sugar. Make a dough the same as for baking powder biscuit, using one quart and one pint of flour. Roll out one-half of the dough lengthwise; line a high stew-pan to within two inches of the bottom and two inches of the top. Pour in one and one-half cups of water, then the sugar and apples; add the juice of one-half lemon and a little of the rind. Have the other half of the dough rolled the size of the top of the stew-pan, wet the edges and cover. The two inches at the top are to allow space for the dough to rise. Let it boil one hour. Cut the cover in fourths, remove, dish the apples into a platter, cut the side crust in pieces, lay round the apples, and cover with the top crust.

German Pudding

One-half cup of sugar, two and one-half cups of flour, one cup milk, one-half cup of butter, three eggs, one teaspoon of baking powder. Beat sugar and butter to a cream, add yolks, then the stiffly beaten whites, then the milk and flour. Steam three-quarters of an hour. Serve with cream sauce.