Mix thoroughly 1 chhatak of ghee with flour 1 powa, powdered rice 3 chhataks and middlings 1 chhatak. Then add moistened and pasted pulses of kalai 1/2 powa, husked sesame 1/2 powa and adequate quantities of salt, aniseeds, cardamom seeds, ginger-juice, powdered pepper and water to make a not-so-stiff paste. Beat thoroughly. Make small squares of it about 1/2 inch thick and fry in ghee.

Keep them in a very concentrated syrup of sugar for say half an hour: Then take them out and roll on dry sugar.

Keep the sesames moist under water for a few hours and then dry them in the sun. Rub them with the hands-when they are dried and the. husks are removed.


The ingredients and the preparation are practically the same as in Monphara. Only double the quantity of husked sesame is taken. Pasted almonds also may be added. Make squares as before and fry in ghee. Don't roll on sugar.

Boil say 21/2 seers of milk till it is less than half and add sugar as desired, a little rose water, very little camphor and the fried squares. Boil a few minutes more and serve in cups when cool.

Chhana Bara

Mix 1/2 seer of chhana (not hard) with 2 1/2 powas of sabeda and make a moderately stiff yet fine paste of the mixture adding a little water if necessary. Make spherical balls of it, fry them in ghee and keep immersed in a -syrup of sugar till saturated.

Lady Canning

Mix 1/2 chhatak of ghee with I powa of middlings and mix this again with 3 powas or more of hard chhana. Make a fine paste with the hands. Make big spherical balls of it and stuff each with a little pasted khowa kheer. Fry them in boiling ghee till red. Then pick them out and keep immersed in a syrup of sugar till saturated when taking them out smear all over with dry crystalline white sugar.

The name has a history behind it. A famous sweetmeat dealer of Bengal, it is said, prepared a special big-sized sweet and made a present of it to Lady Canning, then vice-reine of India. Hence the sweet-meat derived the name.


Mix 1/2 seer of sabeda and 1/2 seer of middlings with 3-powas of water and a tea-spoonful of lime-water, and keep-aside for 10 or 12 hours. Add a pinch of saffron and a little more water if necessary to make a thin paste. Then fry as before in ghee in suitable designs, the common one being a big circle with a continuous spiral rings round its circumference, and keep immersed into a syrup of sugar.

With Chhana

Mix 1 1/2 powa of sabeda and 1 chhatak of middlings! with 1 powa of water and keep aside, for 10 or 12 hours. Then mix with a fine paste of 1/2 seer of hard chhana, a pinch of saffron if desired and an adequate quantity of water making a thick paste. Fry Amritti or Jilapi with this paste as before and keep immersed in a syrup of sugar till saturated.


Make a fine paste of 1/2 seer of hard chhana and mix with 1/2 seer of sabeda and, a, little water making a dough. Make small balls of it and boil in a syrup of sugar. Then take them out and roll on white sugar. When cold roll again on crystals of sugar-candy after dipping them for a moment, if necessary, into a cold syrup of sugar.