Rolly Polly

Make a crust of one pound of flour, a large tablespoonful of lard, enough ice-water to make a dough ; roll out in a sheet, and spread preserves on and roll up; press the ends well together, so that the juice won't run out; then roll up in a pudding cloth carefully tie or pin it, and put this in a pot of boiling water, and boil one hour. Serve with or without sauce.

Snow Pudding

Put some water on some gelatine and let it stand; then take the whites of eggs and beat light; then add them to the gelatine; beat well; then put it in a form. Eat with a sauce of soft custard, flavored with lemon.

St. Augustine Orange Pudding

Make a soft custard with one pint of milk, the yolks of two eggs, two t'ablespoonfuls of sugar, one teaspoonful of corn-starch; flavor with the grated rind of two oranges. Line a pudding-dish with a good crust, slice two oranges, put them on the crust, then turn the custard over the oranges and bake ten or fifteen minutes; beat the whites of the two eggs and a tablespoonful of powdered sugar, spread it over the top when the pudding is baked; put it again in the oven to brown slightly. To be eaten with any kind of sauce. Any kind of fruit may be used.

Suet Pudding

Take half-pound of suet, chopped fine, half-pound of sugar, half-pound of bread, the rind of two lemons, the yolks of four eggs, white of one; butter the basin, lay a few raisins at the bottom; put the mixture in, put a paper over the top, and steam three hours.

Fruit Tapioca Pudding

Soak four tablespoonfuls of tapioca in a quart of water for an hour; pare and slice, or quarter some baking apples; put them in a baking-dish with three tablespoonfuls of sugar; pour the tapioca over the apples and bake until it is clear and the apples soft. When cold, serve with cream.

Viennese Pudding

Five ounces bread-crumbs, one ounce lump-sugar, three ounces soft sugar, three ounces Sultana raisins, two ounces of candied peel, one glass of sherry, half-pint of milk, yolks of four eggs, one teaspoonful of vanilla. Put the lump-sugar in a small dry saucepan ; when it melts and browns, add to it the milk, and stir well until the milk becomes brown; cut the bread in small square pieces, and put them in a basin ; rub the raisins in a dry towel, then add them to the bread ; add also the peel (cut in very small pieces), and the soft sugar ; pour over all these dry ingredients a glass of sherry ; put in a separate basin the yolks of the four eggs, mix them slightly, and pour over them, through a strainer, the colored milk; mix all the ingredients together, and add last the vanilla. Grease well a mould, and put the mixture in, twist over the top a piece of paper, and steam an hour and a half.

Vermicelli Pudding

Wash quarter-pound of vermicelli, boil it a quarter of an hour in a pint of milk with a piece of cinnamon and lemon-peel ; when done take off the fire, and when nearly cold take out the cinnamon and peel. Sweeten to taste, and add the yolks of six eggs, and the whites of two ; mix and bake in a buttered dish half an hour. Or it may be boiled for one and a half hours, and served with sauce.