Good Plain Pie - Crust

Sift into a pan one pound of the best flour; cut into this a half-pound of hard lard; then moisten it with one pint of ice-water; mix it with a knife. Dust your pie-board well with flour, and turn out your paste; roll out and cut up one-quarter pound of lard and add this in two rollings ; handle it as little as possible, and use a knife for mixing the paste; lay it on ice for one hour before baking.

Mince Meat

Take four and a half pounds of beef, two and a half pounds of suet, three pounds of sugar, three pounds of currants, three pounds of raisins, three-quarters of a pound of citron, quarter-pound of candied lemon-peel, half-ounce of cinnamon, quarter-ounce of cloves, quarter-ounce allspice, two grated nutmegs, a few bitter almonds, half-peck of apples, one orange, one quart of cider, one quart of wine, one quart of brandy.

Cottage Cheese Cake

One pint of cheese, two eggs, sugar to taste; beat sugar, cheese and one tablespoonful of butter together, with the hand, until light; add half-pint of milk and the eggs when well beaten; flavor with lemon; add one tablespoonful of flour; mix together, and bake in a good crust.

Cocoanut Pie

Cut off the brown skin of the cocoanut and grate the rest, and simmer the grated cocoanut in a quart of milk for a quarter of an hour; then take it from the fire and mix it with four tablespoonfuls of white sugar, two tablespoonfuls of melted butter, a small cracker rolled fine, half a nutmeg; add, when cold, a wine-glassful of wine, five eggs beaten light. Turn the mixture into plates that have a lining of fine paste, and bake in a quick oven.

Custard Pie

Take any stale cake, grate it, and mix it as in making cheese cake, using cake instead of cheese. Line a plate with good crust, fill with the custard and bake.

Durentum Lemon Custard

Three cupfuls of sugar, two cupfuls of water, two tablespoonfuls of flour, two large lemons, six eggs beaten light. Mix the flour with the sugar, then add the water, then the grated rind and juice of the lemons. Beat the whites perfectly light; add the yolks to the whites, then add them to the mixture and bake immediately in a crust.

Long Branch Lemon Pie

Four tablespoonfuls of sugar, four eggs, two-thirds of a cup of flour, nearly a quart of milk, two small lemons, a pinch of salt. Bake two under-crusts; mix the yolks of eggs and sugar well together; bring the milk to the boiling point, then mix the flour with some cold milk quite smooth, and add it to the boiling milk ; stir it until it thickens, when remove from the fire; stir in the yolks and sugar, and return it a minute to the fire to set the eggs; again remove it and flavor with lemon-juice and the grated rind. When the crusts are baked pour the mixture over them, then spread the beaten whites, sweetened and flavored; place in the oven a few minutes, to brown.

Mountain Lake Lemon Pie

Grate the rinds of three lemons ; two cupfuls of sugar, quarter-pound of butter, one tablespoonful of cracker-dust, six eggs beaten separately. Beat the butter and sugar to a cream ; add one cupful of sweet milk, the cracker-dust, the rind of the lemon and the juice ; put the whites in last. Bake in a good crust.