Angels' Food

Take two and a half gills of flour, three and three-quarters gills of sugar, whites of eleven eggs, one teaspoonful of vanilla. Sift the flour before you measure it; after measuring it, sift four times; then put one teaspoonful of cream of tartar in the flour, and sift again. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, then stir in the sugar, then the flour, and then the flavor. Bake in a pan, not greased, forty minutes. When done, turn the pan upside down until perfectly cold. Ice it all over.

Chocolate Jumbles

Take one pound of sugar, half-pound of chocolate, grated, whites of eight eggs or four whole eggs, well beaten, six ounces of flour, one teaspoonful of cinnamon, one-half teaspoonful of cloves. Line the pans with white paper, buttered, and drop the mixture on with a teaspoon. Some think it an improvement to add a pint of broken nuts and mix in it.

Cocoanut Balls

Two grated cocoanuts, half-pound of sugar, the whites of three eggs. Mix all together; make in balls, and bake a few minutes in a quick oven.

Cocoanut Drop - Cake

One-half pound of butter, tAvo cupfuls of sugar, four of flour, one cocoanut, four eggs, one heaping teaspoonful of baking powder, one teaspoonful of lemon ; mix all together, and drop on tins and bake in a quick oven. Take care they don't burn.

Pennyghent Jumbles

Rub into one pound and a half of flour one pound of butter ; beat five eggs light, then lightly put them in with your hand, along with one pound of sugar. Let them stand an hour or two to stiffen ; roll and make them up with sugar and flour. Bake in a slow oven.

No Name Cakes

One and a half cupfuls of sifted sugar, half cupful of cream, six eggs, two pinches of salt, piece of butter the size of a walnut; add flour enough to roll out, cut any shape to suit yourself; roll them very thin, and cook in lard.

Nut Kisses

One pint of walnuts, whites of two eggs, one pound of pulverized sugar. Beat the whites stiff, then beat in the sugar, then stir in slowly the walnuts ; line the pans with paper, drop in the mixture, and bake in a quick oven.

I Cog

half a teacupful of water, three teacupfuls of sugar, and the whites of three eggs. Boil the sugar and water until quite thick, pour it on the whites of the eggs, previously beaten light, and beat all together until cool.

Boiled Icing


One pound of sugar and the whites of three-eggs.

First boil the sugar with a little wTater; when it is ready to candy, or will spin in threads when dropping from the end of a spoon, take it off the fire, and while it is boiling hot add the whites of three eggs, well beaten, stirring them in as fast as possible. Flavor with lemon or vanilla, and it is ready for use. Spread it over the cake as soon as taken from the oven. The icing made with the white of one egg is quite sufficient to frost an ordinary sized cake.