Pound Cake

Sift one pound of the finest flour ; beat to a cream one pound of butter and one pound of white sugar; when they are perfectly light, beat ten eggs light, and add by degrees, into the mixture, alternately with the flour ; then add one teaspoonful of extract of lemon, one small glassful of wine, and one of brandy. Beat all well together, and put it in a deep tin pan, with upright or straight sides. Bake in a moderate oven from two to three hours. Ice it.

Kaloola Cake

half pound of sugar, one lemon, quarter-pound of butter, one pound of flour, two teacupfuls of milk, one teaspoonful of baking powder. Mix well and bake in a quick oven, or bake it in pie-plates, and fill it with preserves. This makes a very good pie for dyspeptics.

Snowflake Cake

Take a half-cupful of butter, three eggs, two cupfuls of sugar, four of flour, one of milk, two teaspoonfuls of Royal Baking Powder. Stir butter and sugar together, add the beaten yolks and half the flour, with the baking powder in it; pour in the milk, beat the whites and mix in ; then stir in the rest of the flour. Bake in jelly-cake tins. Grate two cocoa-nuts, add to them one cup of sugar and the beaten whites of two eggs ; spread between the cakes, and heap the cocoanut on top.

Sponge Cake

One pound of sugar, half pound of flour, two eggs, two lemons ; mix the sugar and yolks together, then add the grated.

West End Sponge Cake

Four eggs beaten light, then add one cupful of sugar, and one of sifted flour ; one lemon to flavor.

Cream Sponge Cake

Beat three eggs two minutes, add one and a half cupfuls of white sugar, and beat five minutes ; then one cupful of flour, and beat one minute ; add half-cupful of cold water; flavor with lemon or vanilla; add one heaping teaspoonful of baking powder, a little pinch of salt. Bake in jelly-cake pans—make two layers or cakes—one grated cocoanut.

Cream For Filling

The yolks of two eggs, one cupful of sugar, half-teacupful of corn-starch, half-pint of milk, one teaspoonful of lemon ; make into a custard; when nearly cold spread on the cake, which must be quite cold; sprinkle some grated cocoanut on the cream. For the top layer make an icing of the whites of two eggs and a half pound of sugar, powdered, and spread on the top and sprinkle cocoanut over all.

Walnut Cake

One cupful of milk, three-quarters of a cupful of butter, two cupfuls of granulated sugar, three cupfuls of flour, three eggs, three teaspoonfuls of baking powder, not quite a cupful rind and juice of the lemons, the whites of the eggs beaten stiff; add the flour very slowly; butter a Turk's turban and bake of English Walnuts, broken up. Bake in two square pans or tins. Frost both cakes with icing; put one on top of the other; divide the icing into small squares, laying half a nut in each square. For icing, use whites of two eggs and one half-pound of pulverized sugar. One pound of walnuts is required for this cake.

Washington Cake

Three cupfuls of sugar, one cupful of butter, beaten to a cream; then add one cupful of cream, five eggs, four cupfuls of flour, two teaspoonfuls of baking powder. Bake in jelly-cake pans, with cream between.

White Cake

Three cupfuls of sifted flour, one and a half cupfuls of sugar, one egg, one teacupful of sweet milk, two tablespoonfuls of butter, teaspoonful of baking powder, and one teaspoonful of vanilla, almond, or lemon essence. Beat the butter and sugar to a cream; mix the baking powder in the flour, add the milk with the eggs, well beaten, to the butter and sugar, and the essence; mix with this, very slowly, the flour, and when well incorporated, bake in a quick oven.