Cream For Filling Cakes

half-cupful of flour, one cupful of sugar, two eggs. Boil one pint of new milk; beat the flour, eggs and sugar together, and stir into the milk while boiling, until sufficiently scalded. Flavor writh extract of vanilla or lemon. Boil the milk in a farina boiler.

Lemon Conserve

Take six eggs, quarter-pound of butter, one pound of sugar, the juice and rind of three lemons. Beat the eggs light and add the lemons; put them in a pan Avith the sugar on the range, and stir in the butter; keep stirring it all the time, about ten minutes.

Macaroon Custard. Time Half Hour

They should be made in custard-cups. Put a macaroon in the bottom of each cup, and pour on it a tablespoonful of Avine; mix together a pint of cream and a pint of milk, and boil them Avith a stick of cinnamon, broken up, or a teaspoonful of extract of almonds. Then strain the milk, stir in a quarter-pound of white sugar and set it away to cool; beat light eight eggs (omitting the whites of four), and stir them into the cream and milk when quite cold ; fill the cups with the mixture, leaving the macaroons in the cups, and set them in a baking-pan half full of boiling water, and bake the custards ten minutes. When cold, heap the beaten whites of eggs and powdered sugar on the top of each.

Orange Souffle

Pare and slice a half-dozen sweet oranges, sugar them well, and let them stand until ready for use. Make a rich custard of the yolks of three eggs, one tablespoonful of corn-starch, one pint of milk, two tablespoonfuls of sugar. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, with sufficient powdered sugar to sweeten. Lay sponge-cake or lady-fingers in a glass dish, then spread the oranges on them, then the custard, and lastly the whites of the eggs.

Pan Cakes

One half-pound of flour, one ounce of sugar, two eggs, one-half of a lemon, one-half pint of milk, pinch of salt. Put the flour in a bowl, add yolks of eggs, mix and add one half-pint of milk by degrees; beat well together; beat the w7hites of eggs very stiff; add a little salt, and then add the whites to the mixture. Melt a little butter in an omelette-pan, drop in half a teacupful of the mixture. When done, turn out on a plate, sprinkle sugar and juice of lemon, and roll up.

Pop - Overs

Two cupfuls of milk, two cupfuls of flour, two eggs, and an even teaspoonful of salt. Beat the eggs separately—add the whites last—and beat all well together. They may be baked in roll-pans, or deep " Gem " pans, which should be heated and greased before the batter is put in; they should be half filled. Or they may be baked in teacups, of which eight will be required for the quantity of batter; then bake immediately.

Rice Meringues

One teacupful of rice, boiled. When cold, add one quart of milk, the yolks of three eggs, three tablespoonfuls of sugar, a little nutmeg; pour in a dish and bake half an hour. When partly baked, stir a few large raisins through it. When cold, beat the whites with two tablespoonfuls of sugar, and spread over the top; put again in the oven to brown.