Floating Island

Separate the whites of six eggs very carefully from the yolks, and put the yolks on one side; whisk the whites to a stiff froth. Take six tablespoonfuls of jelly and eight tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar, and beat them in the eggs gradually; when it is stiff, pile it up in a china or glass bowl, on some cream, or on a custard made of the yolks of the eggs.

Spanish Cream

One box and one ounce of Cooper's Gelatine, three pints of milk, six eggs, eight tablespoonfuls of white sugar. Put the gelatine in with the milk, and let it soak while the yolks and sugar are being beaten. Put the yolks and sugar in with the milk and gelatine ; place on the fire and let it simmer, (not boil,) until the gelatine is thoroughly dissolved. After beating the whites very stiff, pour the above on the whites, beating very hard ; then add the juice and rinds of three lemons, or flavor with vanilla. Pour into a mould, and set it near ice, to get cold.

Chestnut Hill Strawberry Cake

One quart of flour, one teaspoonful of salt, two teaspoonfuls of Royal Baking Powder, two tablespoonfuls of butter, one pint of milk. Sift the flour, salt and powder together, and rub in the butter, cold ; add the milk, and mix into a smooth dough just soft enough to handle; divide in half and roll out to the size of breakfast plates; lay on a greased baking-tin, and bake in hot oven twenty minutes; then endeavor, if possible, to separate the cake without cutting, as cutting makes them heavy. Have ready two quarts of berries, use half of them to cover the bottom halves of the cake; sprinkle plentifully with sugar; lay on the top the other halves with the crust downwards, use the rest of the fruit over them, and sugar plentifully.

Strawberry Sponge - Cake

The yolks of four eggs, one cupful of sugar, one cupful of milk, two tablespoonfuls of butter, teaspoonful of Royal Baking Powder, flour enough to make a batter softer than pound-cake batter ; flavor with lemon. Bake in two shallow pans ; when done, spread the berries on one, then the beaten whites of the four eggs, beaten light with powdered sugar. Place the other cake over this, then more berries and the whites of eggs on top; place in the oven to brown, or not, as you like.

Tapioca Cream

Take two tablespoonfuls of tapioca, one and a half pints of milk, four eggs. Boil the milk and tapioca, then beat the yolks of the eggs in ; flavor with vanilla, and beat the whites, put them on the top, and put in the oven a few minutes to brown.

Velvet Cream

Put three-quarters of a box of Cox's Gelatine in a bowl, and pour over it a cup and a half of wine. Add the rind and juice of one lemon, and let it stand for an hour. Then add three-quarters of a pound of white sugar. Put it over the fire and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Strain, and when cool, pour in a quart of cream, beating hard while pouring in; when about as thick as soft custard pour it into a mould, and set it away to get cold.

Strawberry Shortcake

Make good pie-crust (not biscuit-crust) enough for three layers, rolled a little thicker than for pies, and bake in jelly-cake pans ; prepare two quarts of berries, and stir in sugar to taste, about half an hour before the crust is baked ; butter the crust while hot, spread the berries between the layers, and serve immediately. No sauce is needed, as the juice of the fruit is sufficient.

Pine Apple

One pine-apple to two quarts of water, one pound of sugar to each quart of water.

Roman Punch

The same as Orange Water-Ice, and add good brandy or Jamaica rum.

Frozen Custard

Three pints of cream, one quart of milk, eight eggs, eighteen tablespoonfuls of sifted sugar, one tablespoonful of extract of vanilla. Put the milk and cream on the fire, and when it boils add the eggs well beaten and mixed with the sugar. Let all boil about five minutes; add the vanilla after you take the custard from the fire. This will make sufficient for twelve persons. Freeze as ice-cream.

Frozen Peaches

One quart of cream, half-pound of sugar, quarter-peck of good peaches, or two cans of peaches. Mash all as fine as possible, and freeze as ice-cream.