Fig Pudding

Take three-quarters of a pound of grated bread, half-pound of figs, six ounces of suet, teacupful of sugar, a teacupful of milk, and a little nutmeg, the figs and suet to be chopped very fine ; mix the bread and suet first, then the figs, sugar, and nutmeg, one egg, and lastly the milk. Boil in a mould four hours. Serve with sauce.

Georgetown Chocolate Pudding

Ten tablespoonfuls of grated bread, eight tablespoonfuls of chocolate, one quart of milk, sweetened, and all boiled together until smooth. Add to this the yolks of six eggs and the whites of two. Put in a pudding dish and bake until done (three-quarters of an hour or more). Turn out when cold, and ice with the remaining whites of eggs and three-quarters of a pound of powdered sugar, and one teaspoonful of cream tartar.

Indian Pudding

Scald two teacupfuls of corn meal with three pints of milk, till as thick as gruel, and when cool, add some ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, and sugar to suit the taste; add some beef suet, chopped fine, or pieces of butter, some stoned raisins, or fine cut apples. Butter a deep dish and bake one hour.

Lincoln Pudding

Take one pound of lady-fingers, four eggs, split the lady-fingers open and lay jelly over them, as many as will cover a large dinner-plate; lay them across each other, and then whip the whites of the eggs and lay on the top; stand the plate nearly upright before a clear fire to brown. Take the yolks and make a sauce for it.

Orange Pudding

Grate three sponge biscuits in enough milk to make a paste, beat eight eggs and stir in with the juice of one lemon and half the peel grated. Put in a teacupful of orange juice and one of sugar, with half a cupful of melted butter in the mixture—stir it well, put it in a dish with puff-paste around it, and bake slowly one hour.

Orange Custard Pudding

Slice thin six oranges and put in a pudding-dish, throwing over them three-quarters of a cupful of sugar. Make a soft custard of a pint of milk, three eggs, omitting the whites, and one-half a cupful of sugar, then beat the whites of the eggs very light, adding a little powdered sugar, put them over the top and brown. This can be baked in a good crust.

Queen Pudding

Three eggs, pint of milk, half-pint of bread-crumbs, half lemon rind, grated, two teacupfuls of white sugar. Beat the whites separately, bake the pudding; then let it get cold, put on fruit of any kind. Then put the beaten whites of eggs on top.

"Tallyho" Rice Pudding

Take one teacupful of boiled rice, one pint of milk, the yolks of five eggs, and the rind of one lemon, grated. Mix together and bake it; then beat the whites, with one pound of sugar, powdered, and spread over the top, when the pudding is baked. Then put it in the oven to brown it.

Plain Rice Pudding

To two quarts of milk, put a small teacupful of washed rice, three tablespoonfuls of sugar, teaspoonful of extract of almond, a small piece of butter, some cinnamon or nutmeg. Bake until the rice is soft.