Spiced Grapes

Seven pounds of grapes, four pounds of sugar, one pint of vinegar, one tablespoonful each of cinnamon and cloves, one teaspoonful allspice. Boil slowly two hours and put into jars.

Grape Cup

Either Malaga or Concord grapes may be used. Crush three pounds of grapes, add four whole cloves, a scant teacupful of sugar, the juice of four oranges with a little of the grated rind and a leaf or two of lemon verbena. Bring to boiling point, cool, and let it stand in the ice chest to ripen for two or three hours. When ready to use press through a sieve, stirring in the stiffly beaten whites of three eggs, a quart of unfermented grape juice and a pint of seltzer; turn into a glass pitcher filled a quarter of its depth with pounded ice, and serve in tumblers.

Malaga Grape Salad

Remove skin and seeds from Malaga grapes and add an equal quantity of English walnuts or pecans broken in pieces. Serve on lettuce leaves with French dressing and garnish with maraschino cherries.

Grape Fluff

Soften half a tablespoonful of granulated gelatin in a couple of tablespoonfuls of cold water: add half a cupful of boiling water, and dissolve. Add a quarter of a cupful of sugar, juice of half a lemon, and a quarter of a cupful of grape juice; strain, pour into a wet mold, and when firm force through a potato ricer. Serve very cold.

Grape Meringue Tart

Make a rich pastry as for pie and line with it a deep tart or pudding form. Chill, brush with white of egg, prick with a fork and bake. Beat the whites of four eggs to a stiff, dry froth, add a cupful of sugar, vanilla to flavor and then gently incorporate two cupfuls of grapes. Drop by the spoonful into the baked shell and bake in a slow oven until the meringue seems firm to the touch.

Grape Juice

Ten pounds of grapes, three pounds of sugar, one cupful of water. Pick the grapes from the stems and wash clean; put them on the st6ve in a kettle with a little water, and cook until tender. Strain through a flannel bag. Do not squeeze it. Return juice to the kettle, add sugar and boil five minutes. Seal in glass jars when boiling hot. Slant the jars when filling to prevent cracking. When serving add nearly the same amount of water.

Grape Catsup

To five pounds of grapes take one pint of vinegar, cook until it can be strained through a sieve. To the juice add two pounds of sugar, one teaspoonful of black pepper, one teaspoonful of cloves, one teaspoonful of salt and one tablespoonful of cinnamon. Cook down to about two quarts.

Grape Wine

Twenty pounds of grapes, ten pounds of sugar, six quarts of boiling water. Mash the grapes in a stone jar, pour on them the boiling water and let it stand three days, covering the jar to keep out dust. Strain the fruit and juice through cheesecloth bag, return the juice to the jar, add the sugar and let it remain until fermentation has ceased. Take off the screen, strain the juice and bottle tightly, pouring melted sealing wax on the corks. Lay the bottles on their sides in a cool place.

Grape Cocktails

Place in each glass three tablespoonfuls of the grape pulp, add one tablespoonful of diced sweet pear and cover with chilled grape juice. (Individual portion).

Grape Marmalade

Pick over, wash, drain, and remove stems from grapes. Separate pulp from skins. Put pulp in preserving kettle, heat to boiling point and cook slowly until seeds separate from pulp, then rub through a hair sieve. Return to kettle with skins, add an equal measure of sugar and cook slowly thirty minutes, occasionally stirring to prevent burning. Put in a stone jar or tumblers.

Grape Sponge Pudding

Make grape juice by washing purple grapes, then mash or pulp them and cook slowly till soft, then strain. Take one cupful grape juice, one cupful water, boil and thicken with two heaping tablespoonfuls of cornstarch and pinch of salt, wet with a little cold water, add one-half cupful sugar and stir constantly until thick. Let it cook (in double boiler) while beating the whites of two eggs to a stiff froth, then pour the hot mixture onto the eggs. Mix well. Serve cold, with custard sauce made with yolks of two eggs, two heaping tablespoonfuls of sugar, one even tablespoonful of sifted pastry flour, one-quarter teaspoonful of salt and one pint of hot milk. Cook till thickened, stirring constantly.

Grape Crab-Apple Preserve

To each two pounds of grapes use one pound of crab-apples. Stew the grapes and the crab-apples until soft, then pass through a sieve. To each pint of pulp add one cupful of sugar and one-half teaspoonful of cinnamon, if liked. Simmer slowly until of the right consistency for preserve or jam.

Grape Sherbet

One quart of milk, one pound of sugar, one cupful of grape juice, the juice of one lemon. Mix and freeze.

Grape Juice Frappe

1 quart of grape juice.

2 large lemons.

1 quart of water.

1 1/2 cupfuls sugar.

Juice of 4 oranges.

1/2 pint cream.

Mix and pour into the can of the freezer. Churn until half frozen. Serve in punch cups. Decorate with whipped cream. The cream should be sweetened only a little if at all. This is sufficient for sixteen small glasses.

Malaga Grape Tarts

Boil two cupfuls of water and one cupful of sugar five minutes, add one-half box of gelatin softened in one-half cupful of cold water, stir until dissolved, then add the grated rind of one lemon and the juice of three, let stand five minutes and strain. Partly fill baked pastry shells with Malaga grapes from which the skins and seeds have been removed, pour in the jelly when it begins to stiffen and place on ice until firm.