Grape Juice Jelly

Soak an envelope of granulated gelatin in half a cupful of cold water for five minutes, then dissolve it and three-quarters of a cupful of granulated sugar in two cupfuls of boiling water and a cupful of grape juice. Let cool somewhat, then add a cupful of skinned, seeded and halved Malaga grapes. Turn into a mold wet with ice water and stand in the refrigerator or very cold place over night. Serve with plain cream.

Green Grape Jelly

Pick the grapes when just beginning to turn. Pick them over, wash and remove stems; put into preserving kettle. Heat to boiling point, mash and boil thirty minutes. Strain through a coarse strainer, then allow juice to drop through a double thickness of cheesecloth or a jelly bag. Measure, bring to boiling point and boil five minutes; add an equal measure of heated sugar, boil two minutes, skim and pour into glasses. Place in a sunny window and let stand twenty-four hours. Cover and keep in a cool, dry place.

Spiced Grape Jelly

Set the stemmed grapes in the oven until well heated through. The fruit should be well colored, but not ripe. Crush and strain the juice through double cheesecloth, measure and set aside a cupful of sugar for every pint of juice and add half a teaspoonful of cinnamon and cloves. Boil the juice rapidly twenty minutes, add the sugar hot and the spices. Boil ten minutes or until it jellies.

Grape Jelly

Pick grapes from stems and wash. Put grapes into boiling water. Let boil until soft and seeds are free; then strain and measure juice. Put juice to boil. Have the same amount of sugar in a deep bowl. Try a spoonful of juice and the same of sugar and see if it will jelly by stirring together.

If so, pour juice on the sugar in dish and keep stirring. When the sugar is all dissolved it will thicken; then pour into glasses. All jellies can be made this way. If when you try the little sugar and juice together it does not jelly boil the juice a little longer and try again.