Cherry Water Ice

Weigh the fruit and sugar; allow a pound and a half of loaf sugar to each pound of fruit, half of a pint of water and the white of one egg. Stone the cherries before weighing, place them in a preserving kettle on the back of the range, letting them stand until the juice starts freely, but do not boil. When ready turn into a jelly bag and press thoroughly. Combine the sugar, water and whites of eggs, let these boil, skimming occasionally until rich and transparent. Remove from the fire, add the juice, pack in a freezer and treat the same as ice-cream.

Cherry Bavarian Cream

Soak one-quarter of a box of granulated gelatin in one-third of a cupful of cold water, then set over hot water until melted. Whip one pint of very heavy cream to a solid froth, keeping it very cold. Gradually and lightly stir into it one-third of a cupful of powdered sugar and the melted gelatin. As the mixture thickens add gradually one teaspoonful of vanilla, and two-thirds of a cupful of candied cherries which have been cut fine. Turn into in-189 dividual molds or one large one and set away to stiffen.

Cherry Shortcake

Pit one quart of fine sweet cherries, cut them in halves with a silver knife, sprinkle generously with sugar and let stand one hour. Sift one pint of flour with one-half teaspoonful of salt and two teaspoonfuls of baking powder, rub in one tablespoonful each of butter and lard, then add one egg well beaten and mixed with enough milk to make a soft dough. Roll out half an inch thick, spread with softened butter and bake in a biscuit pan in two layers. When done spread the prepared cherries between the layers and over the top.

Cherry Wine

Take four quarts of fruit, either sweet or sour, place in a mortar and slightly bruise without crushing the stones. To this add three quarts of water and let stand in a jar forty-eight hours. Strain, and to each four quarts of juice add three and one-half pounds of sugar if the fruit is acid, or three pounds if sweet. Fill into jugs, reserving a bottle of the liquid with which to keep the jars filled while fermenting. The openings of the jars should be kept covered with a thin cloth. After the fermentation ceases, cork tightly and keep in a cool place for three months; then drain off carefully and bottle.

Crushed Cherry Cup

Cover three cupfuls of cherries with sugar and let them stand for two hours. Add to them the juice and pulp of two lemons, a shredded pineapple and one-half pound of chopped marshmallows. Sweeten again if necessary. Serve in sherbet glasses after the fruit has been well chilled.

Cherry Cordial

Two quarts cherries, three pounds sugar, put into a gallon jug, which is then filled with cold water. Tie a piece of cheesecloth over top and put away for six months or more, then bottle.

Cherry Puffs

1/2 cupful butter 2 tablespoonfuls sugar 1 cupful pitted cherries 1 egg.

1 cupful milk.

2 tablespoonfuls baking powder 2 cupfuls flour.

cream butter and sugar, and add the beaten egg, then the milk and flour sifted with baking powder and last of all the cherries. This makes six large puffs. Put into buttered cups and steam one-half to three-quarters of an hour. Serve with a sauce.