Varm Kartoffle Salat (Hot Potato Salad)

4 large Potatoes 1 Onion.

3 tablespoons Bacon Grease.

2 tablespoons Vinegar.

1 teaspoon Salt.

2 tablespoons Sugar.

Boil potatoes with their jackets on. While still hot, peel them and cut into small bite size chunks. Melt the bacon grease in a skillet and stir the chopped onion into it. Cook until the onion is limp and pale yellow, being careful not to brown it. Add the other ingredients and bring to a boil. Pour over the potatoes and stir just enough to mix. Just before serving mix in 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise. Many cooks like to use 1/4 teaspoon celery seed also.

Pickled Beets (Sylte Rodbeder)

This is another of the vegetables that could be listed in either the vegetable or the pickle chapter. Boil the beets in water until tender, about 1 hour. The skins will slip off easily. Skin and slice into a crock or a glass jar. Bring to boil 1 cup vinegar and 2 cups sugar with salt and pepper. Pour this over the beets and let stand for 24 hours. Serve with various kinds of meat or as a salad or Smorrebrod garnish.

Gronkaal Med Flode (Creamed Kale)

Kale, 3 leaves per person Salt.

2 Eggs.

4 tablespoons Butter 3 tablespoons Flour 11/2 cups Milk.

Cook kale in salted water until tender, first removing the large center vein. Hard boil the eggs. Melt the butter in a sauce pan and stir in the flour. Add the milk gradually and bring to a boil. Cook until thickened. Chop the Kale and the eggs. Stir into the white sauce and serve at once.

Hvidkaal Rouletter (Cabbage Rolls)

1 head Cabbage.

1 pound Ground Beef.

1 Egg.

1 small Onion Pinch of Cloves Salt and Pepper.

Drop head of cabbage into a kettle of boiling water and leave for about five minutes, to wilt the leaves. Remove leaves one at a time. Mix meat, onion, which has been chopped very fine, salt, pepper and cloves, with the eggs and place a large spoonful in the center of each cabbage leaf. Roll and fasten with a toothpick or tie with a string to hold it. Drop into boiling salted water and simmer for 1 hour. Thicken the broth, in which the rolls were cooked for gravy and pour over the rolls which have been arranged on a large platter. Another recipe for Cabbage rolls will be found in the chapter on Meats.

String Beans (Using Canned Beans)

These are delicious and taste exactly like fresh string beans; no "canned" trace can be detected.

No. 2 can String Beans, including the water.

1 small Onion, minced.

2 slices Bacon.

1/2 teaspoon each Sugar, Pepper, Salt and Mono-sodium Glutamate.

Chop bacon and fry until crisp. Add the minced onions and stir until limp and cream coloredódo not allow to brown. Add all other ingredients and bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for one hour.