Salat Med Flode (Lettuce With Cream)

Loose leaf lettuce is best for this, but head lettuce may be used.

1 head Lettuce.

1 tablespoon Sugar.

1/4 teaspoon Salt 1 cup Sour Cream.

Break lettuce into bite size pieces. Sprinkle with sugar and salt and mix in the cream lightly. Sweet cream and one tablespoon vinegar may be substituted for the sour cream.

Street dancing whets the appetite!

Street dancing whets the appetite!

Hot Potato Salad

See this recipe under vegetables. Like beets, potatoes are most used as a vegetable in Denmark.

Green Pea Salad

11/2 cps cooked Peas (canned peas may be used).

1 sm. Onion chopped fine 1/2 cup Cheese, cubed.

3 small sweet Cucumber.

Pickles, cubed Salt and Pepper Mayonnaise.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and moisten with mayonnaise to taste. Serve with meats or fish, For a hearty one-dish meal, 2 cups of cooked macaroni added to this is good.

Wilted Lettuce

Leaf lettuce is best but head lettuce may be used.

1 head Lettuce 3 slices Bacon.

1 large Onion.

2 tablespoons Sugar.

1/4 teaspoon each, Salt Pepper, Monosodium Glutamate 1/2 cup Sour Cream.

Break lettuce in bite size pieces and sprinkle with seasonings. Chop bacon and fry until crisp. Add slivered onion and cook until limp and cream colored, do not brown. While it is very hot, pour over the lettuce and mix well. Cover for a few minutes, this aids the wilting. Stir in the sour cream and serve.