A good Danish cook always prepares her own herring for this salad, using one large salt herring that has been soaked in cold water over night; then skinned and boned and cut into bits. However, this fish is not available in so many American markets that we have substituted the pickled herring which can be found in jars or cans in almost any grocery store. It makes up in time and labor saving for the very slight difference in taste.

1 jar Pickled Herring, drained.

4 cooked Beets, cubed.

2 Apples, cubed.

2 tablespoons Sugar.

1 tablespoon finely.

Chopped Onion 1/2 cup Sour Cream 1 tablespoon Vinegar from jar of Herring.

Cut herring into bite size pieces and mix with the other ingredients, except the cream. Chill for several hours. Just before serving mix in the cream. Sliced hard boiled egg on top of the completed salad will add to its appearance.