Orange Custard

Four teaspoonfuls corn starch wet with a littleeold milk. Add beaten yolks of six eggs, pour into one quart of boiling milk, stir until it thickens and remove from fire to cool. Cut six oranges fine, place in a dish, sprinkle a little sugar over them and pour custard upon the oranges. Beat the whites to a froth and spread over all. Norwich Cook Book.

Floating Island

Put one quart of milk in a double boiler, beat the whites of four eggs to a stiff froth and when the milk is scalding hot drop a spoonful at a time into the hot milk. Cook for one minute, take out and lay on a platter. Beat the yolks of the eggs with one cup of sugar, stir into the hot milk. Stir until it thickens, pour into a dish and place the whites upon it. Flavor to .taste. Put a pinch of LeRoy salt in the boiling milk. Mrs. Bloomer.

Bavarian Cream

Whites of six eggs beaten very light, one quart of whipped cream, one ounce of Cooper's gelatine, (soak one hour in cold water), drain and dissolve in a little hot water. Beat eggs and cream together, add sugar, flavor with one teaspoonful vanilla and add gelatine. Beat till it begins to thicken and pour into mould. Serve very cold with cream.

Spanish Cream

Put three pints of milk in a double boiler, add to it one ounce of Cooper's gelatine, boil slowly until dissolved, add three-fourths of a pound of sugar. Take from the fire and add slowly six beaten eggs, stirring constantly. Place on the stove again stirring until it thickens. Then cool, flavor, beat well and pour into moulds. Wet the moulds with milk. Norwich Cook Book.


Sweeten to taste one quart of fresh milk, stir in one tablespoon of liquid rennet, pour into glass dish. Set it near to stove to warm and when it begins to thicken set on ice. Serve with scalded cream, sweetened and flavored with nutmeg. This is a Devonshire dish and highly esteemed.

Mrs. Bertha Cooke.

Strawberry Cream

Mash one quart of strawberries with one cup of powdered sugar and rub through a hair fieive. Dissolve one and one-half ounces of Cooper's gelatine in one pint of sweet milk. Strain and add one pint of whipped cream and the berry juice. Pour in a wet mould and set on ice t6 form.