Two gallons of vinegar, one-half pound of ground mustard, one-quarter of a pound of cloves, one-quarter of a pound of allspice (whole), one-quarter pound of tumeric,two ounces of mace, four pounds of brown sugar, one ounce of red pepper, one-quarter pound of celery seed, one pound of white mustard seed, one pound of black mustard seed, one pound of white ginger root. Mix all together cold. Let the cucumbers or whatever you want to pickle lie in LeRoy salt and water three, or four days, then in weak vinegar one day.

Cucumber Pickles

Wash with care your cucumbers and place in jars, make a weak brine, a handful of LeRoy salt to one and one-half gallons of water. When scalding hot turn over the cucumbers and cover. Repeat the process three mornings in succession taking care to skim thoroughly. On the fourth morning have ready a porcelain kettle of vinegar to which has been added a piece of alum the size of a walnut. When scalding hot put in as many cucumbers as may be covered with this vinegar, do not let them boil but skim off as soon as scalded through and replace with others, adding each time a piece of alum. When this is through throw out the vinegar and replace with good cider vinegar, add spices, mustard seed and red peppers. Sort the pickles and put in glass jars. Green peppers are best as they are not as apt to become soft. "Home Cook Book".

Pickled Cucumbers

Six hundred smalt cucumbers, two quarts of peppers, two quarts of small onions. Make enough brine to cover the pickles, allowing one pint of LeRoy salt to four quarts of water and pour it boiling hot over the pickles. Let them stand until the next morning, then pour off the brine, throw it away, make a new one and scald again. The third morning scald this same brine and pour it over again. The fourth morning rinse the pickles well in cold water and cover them with boiling vinegar. Add a little piece of alum and two tablespoons each of whole cloves and allspice tied in a bit of muslin, if you like the spice. Mrs. Bunn.

Ripe Cucumber And Watermelon Pickles*

Four quarts of water in which boil one ounce of alum. Put in the pieces of melon and stand on back of stove one-half a day. Take from the fire and put the rinds in cold water for one hour, drain. Take two quarts of vinegar, five pounds of sugar, two ounces of stick cinnamon, one ounce of cloves, let it boil, put in the fruit and cook slowly one-half an hour.


One gallon of green tomatoes chopped fine, four green peppers, two onions, sprinkle over handful of LeRoy salt, let it stand six hours. Squeeze out the juice, add one pint of vinegar, horse radish, white mustard seed, one tablespoonful of ground pepper, one of allspice, one of cloves.

French Pickles

One peck of green tomatoes sliced, six large onions. Mix these and throw over them a teacup of LeRoy salt and let stand over night. Next day, drain one hour and then boil in one quart of vinegar mixed with two quarts of water for fifteen or twenty minutes. Then take four quarts of vinegar, two pounds of brown sugar, one-half pound of white mustard seed, two tablespoons of ground allspice and the same of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and ground mustard. Throw all together and boil fifteen minutes.