French Pickles. No. 2

One gallon of green tomatoes sliced, four onions sliced, salt them in layers alternately, let them stand one night, then drain them well. Prepare a tablespoonful of black pepper, three of cloves, two of cinnamon, four or five of mustard, all ground fine and put in a bag. Take one-half pint of mustard seed, the same of grated horse radish, two or three green peppers cut fine. Mix well with the tomatoes in the jar. Pour over boiling vinegar sufficient to cover them. Close the jar and they will be fit for use in a few days.

Mustard Pickles

One quart of cucumbers cut lengthwise, one quart of small cucumbers, one quart of small onions, one quart of small green tomatoes, one large cauliflower, six green peppers sliced. Put all in a weak brine for twenty-four hours. For the brine take one pint of LeRoy salt to a gallon of water. Then wash in clear water and steam till tender.


Six tablespoonfuls of Taylor's mustard, one tablespoonful of tumerick, one teaspoon of celery seed, one cup of flour, two quarts of vinegar, one cup of sugar. Mix flour, sugar, tumeric and mustard thoroughly with a little vinegar, then add rest of vinegar, scald a few minutes, stirring constantly. Pour over pickles. Mrs. Dudley T. Greene.

How To Pickle Cherries

Half as much sugar as fruit, three pints of vinegar to ten pounds of cherries,one ounce of cloves, two ounces of cinnamon. Dissolve the sugar in the vinegar, boil the syrup and pour over the cherries hot nine mornings in succession.

Chili Sauce

Thirty large ripe tomatoes peeled cold and chopped fine, ten small green peppers, ten small onions, five tablespoonfuls I^eRoy salt, twenty tablespoonfuls of sugar, ten cups of vinegar. Chop all separately and boil together two hours.

Mrs. Bunn.

Tomato Catsup

Forty-eight large red tomatoes, eight medium sized onions, eight red peppers. Cut them up and cook until soft and strain. To this add three cups of vinegar, four cups of sugar, one-half cup of LeRoy salt, one heaping tablespoon each of allspice, cloves, black pepper and cinnamon, one teaspoon of red pepper. Cook again until thick. Mrs. Talbot.


One peck of green tomatoes, three large onions chopped, one cup of LeRoy salt, mix and remain over night, drain. Two quarts of vinegar, one quart of water, boil fifteen minutes, drain. Two pounds of sugar, three pints of vinegar; one-half pound of white mustard seed, one-half teaspoon of red pepper, two tablespoons of cinnamon, two of cloves, two of ginger. Mix and boil all together fifteen minutes.

Mrs. Bunn.

Spiced Vinegar

Put three pounds of sugar in a three gallon jar with a small mouth, two ounces each of mace, cloves, pepper, allspice, tumeric, celery seed, white ginger in small bits and ground mustard. Put in bags of thin muslin. Lay in jar. Fill with best cider vinegar. Use in making pickles or sauces.