Lemon Ice

One quart of water, one and one-quarter pounds of white sugar, the juice of four lemons and one orange. Boil the water and sugar and the rinds of three lemons and one orange five minutes. Remove whatever scum arises and strain the syrup while hot through a muslin bag. When cool mix the juice of four lemons and one orange with the syrup. Strain a second time and freeze.

Lemon Sherbet

Boil two pints of water and one and one-half pints of sugar twenty-five minutes. Add the juice of ten lemons and the grated rind of five. Soak one-half a box of Cooper's gelatine in one pint of cold water. While hot put into the hot water and sugar; when dissolved add to the rest, and when cold freeze. Mrs. Dudley T. Greene.

Lemon Sherbet With Milk

Six lemons, three pints of sugar, two quarts of milk, one pint of cream. Squeeze the juice from the lemons and add the grated rind of two. Stir in this the sugar and let it stand one-half an hour. Put it in the freezer and when it begins to set add the milk and cream. Freeze the same as ice cream.

Orange Sherbet

Squeeze the juice from twelve oranges, grate the rinds of four lemons, and add the juice of six. Stir one and one-half pounds of sugar into the fruit juice. Pour over one gallon of ice water. Beat in carefully the frosted whites of six eggs. Pour in freezer and freeze. Louise Bunn.