Peaches In Jelly

Take one can of good peaches and cook them over with a cup of sugar. Separate the peaches and syrup. Soak the peaches in a little brandy, if you wish. Put a package of Cooper's gelatine in a cup of cold water and let it stand one hour, then add one lemon, juice and peel, a cup of boiling water, two tablespoonfuls of brandy, a cup of sugar, and the syrup from the peaches. Stir the whole over a hot fire a moment till the gelatine is thoroughly melted. Strain twice through a flannel bag, put the peaches in a mold, pour the jelly over them and set in a cold place—on the ice in summer —when it will be firm in an hour and ready for the table. Serve in an ornamental glass dish and garnish with peach leaves.

Lfmon Jelly

One-half box Cooper's gelatine soaked in one-half pint of cold water one hour. Add one pint boiling water, one and one-half cups sugar, three lemons grated. Stand on stove till it comes to boiling. Strain in a mould and set in a cold place.

House Mother

Delicious cranberry jelly may be made by the following receipt: Wash carefully a quart of selected cranberries, put them in a porcelain-lined saucepan with a half a pint of water and half a pound of good white sugar. Boil for twenty minutes and press through a fruit strainer or jelly bag into a mould which has previously been rinsed with cold water. When cool this should form a perfect, mould of bright crimson jelly.

Jelly With Strawberries

A very ornamental dish for desserts, strawberry festivals, etc., is made by placing handsome large strawberries, which have been dipped into powdered sugar, in a lemon jelly made as follows: Add a large wine-glass of water to three-quarters of a pound of sugar, let it boil, skim it, pour it into a porcelain dish, let it cool, add two and a half ounces of Cooper's gelatine (which has been dissolved), the juice of six lemons, a pint of boiling water and the grated peel of a lemon. Let it stand for half an hour, then pour it through a jelly-bag into a mould, perhaps one-fifth of the depth. Set it on ice to stiffen. Arrange a layer of strawberries on it, pour on a little more of the jelly. Set it away to stiffen. Add another layer of the strawberries, and continue in this manner until the mould is filled. A border of whipped cream may be arranged around it after it is turned out of the mould.

Orange Jelly

Dissolve one-half box of Cooper's gelatine in one-half cup cold water. Cut one-half dozen oranges in halves, remove the fruit carefully and lay the skins in cold water. Add to the pulp of the oranges the juice of two lemons, one cup sugar and one cup of boiling water. Stir all together and strain. Dry the inside of the skins, notch the edges, fill with the jelly and stand on a tray till it begins to firm. Put in a cold place and serve with kisses or white cake.

Coffee Jelly

One-half box of Cooper's gelatine, one quart of strong coffee, sweeten to taste, pour the coffee over the gelatine, when dissolved stir in the sugar, strain into moulds and serve with whipped cream.