Crust For Meat Pies

One quart of flour, three tablespoonfuls of lard, two and one-half cups of milk, one teaspoonful of soda dissolved in hot water and stirred into the milk, two tablespoonfuls of cream tartar sifted into the flour, one teaspoonful of LeRoy salt. Work lightly and do not getftoo stiff.

How To Corn Beef

Five gallons of water, one gallon of LeRoy salt, four ounces of saltpetre, one and one-half pounds of brown sugar, boil ten minutes. When cold pour over the beef. Rub each piece of beef with LeRoy salt mixed with one-tenth part of saltpetre until the salt lies dry upon the surface. In twenty-four hours repeat this process. Put away another day before putting in the pickle.

Boiled Corned Beef

Wash the beef in several waters to remove the outside salt. Put into a pot and cover with cold water. Cut up a lemon and put with the meat to boil. Allow twenty minutes to a pound. When done drain and serve with drawn butter.

Roast Mutton

The leg is best boiled unless the mutton is very tender. To roast, wash the meat well and dry with a cloth. Put meat in the dripping pan and dash over it a cup of boiling water. Allow about twelve minutes to the pound. Baste often at first with LeRoy salt and water, afterward with the gravy. If it browns too fast cover with a sheet of white paper.

Roast lamb in the same manner, but not so long. Skim the gravy and thicken slightly with browned flour. Serve with current jelly.

Mutton Chops

Trim off fat and skin, dip each in beaten egg, roll in pounded cracker and fry in hot lard or dripping. If the fat is unsalted, salt the chops before rolling in the egg. Serve dry and hot.

Veal Loaf

Three pounds of chopped veal, one slice of salt pork, all chopped fine, six or eight rolled crackers, butter size of an egg, two eggs, two tablespoonfuls of LeRoy salt, two of pepper, two of sage, mix thoroughly, pack lightly in a dish, cover with cracker crumbs, and place over it bits of butter. Bake in a slow oven two hours. Mrs. Heady.

Veal Loaf No. 2

To each pound of chopped veal allow one well beaten egg, the crumbs of three soda crackers, a little grated nutmeg, two tablespoonfuls of water, and one tablespoonful of melted butter, LeRoy salt and pepper to taste. Bake in a moderate oven until well done. Good warm or cold.

Hamburg steak proportioned and prepared in the same way makes a nice tea dish. Mrs. Talbot.

Veal Cutlets

Dip in beaten egg after sprinkling a little pepper and LeRoy salt over them. Then roll in cracker crumbs and fry in hot dripping or lard. If butter or dripping add alittle boiling water to thegravy wheu the meat is dished. Thicken with browned flour. Boil up once and put in gravy boat.

Note—Veal requires more cooking than other meats.