Ingenuity and skill cannot be displayed alone in making salads, but much artistic taste and skill may be shown in the garnishing, thereby adding greatly to the appearance of a dish, for if we please the eye. we have gained a point. We offer the following suggestions in this line:


Cut or Wild, as a centre piece in a wine glass.


The leaves always form an excellent l?ase and edge for most all salads.


The white leaves are attractive for edges On nearly all salads containing celery.


Hard boiled, and cut into thin slices or lengthwise.

Pickled Beets

Thin slices, can also be cut into stars, diamonds, etc.


Pieces of parsley are always acceptable; also chopped very fine and sprinkled over the lemon, or dotted over the dish.


The claws placed on the ends.


Spread over salmon and fish salads.

Lamb Tongue

Pickled And cut into thin slices on meat salads.


Cut in thin strips or mixed pickles.

Red Radishes

Cut in thhi strips.