Troubles of the Heart and Circulation. The heart, and the arteries and veins, are very amenable to suggestion, and will respond very intelligently to it when properly given. As I have stated elsewhere in these lessons, the heart is very gentle and intelligent-the very reverse of the liver-and should be treated accordingly. It is like a gentle, high-spirited, well-bred horse, or like an intelligent gentle child, in its mental character and make-up. Rough methods or treatment should be avoided in treating the heart or the circulatory system in general; gentle, kindly, soothing words and tones, and clear, plain, intelligent directions should be given it. You may even (and often very effectively) explain to the heart the trouble that is being caused by imperfect action, accompanying the explanation with suggestions as to how the trouble may be overcome, and new and better habits of actions acquired. In case of cold hands or feet, you may direct an increased circulation to those parts by calling the attention of the circulatory system mind to the matter. Anaemia, or deficient blood supply, is of course to be treated by improving the nutrition; for the heart cannot furnish nourishment to the blood, nor the blood to the parts of the body, unless it has been assimilated and absorbed from the food eaten by the patient. Dropsy, or an abnormal accumulation of serum, which causes swelling, etc., may be treated by stimulating the kidneys and the skin to carry off the excess fluids, and to thereafter perform their functions normally.

Troubles of the Lungs. The lungs respond very well to suggestions properly directed. The suggestion should be along the lines of increased activity and resistance. The cells should be urged to greater efforts, and taught to resist invading organisms. In cases of this kind, it will be found well to pay attention to the organs of nutrition also, for it is a fact that a well-nourished body is better able to fight off and defeat attacking organisms. The patient should be taught the value of correct breathing, for the exercise of the lungs is often sufficient to prevent or to overcome weakness thereof.

Rheumatic Troubles. Rheumatism is a condition arising from imperfect circulation and imperfect elimination; therefore, by treating both of these conditions the special trouble tends to disappear.

Troubles of the Sense-Organs. Weakness of sight, hearing, or smell may be treated by building up the general system, by providing proper nutrition and elimination; and also by special energizing treatment directed to the seat of the trouble. The cells may be energized into more normal functioning, by an appeal directed immediately to them. The patient may aid materially in such treatment, by directing his or her attention to the organ in question, and maintaining a mental attitude of expectant attention. This use of the mind of the patient, encouraged and supplemented by that of your own mind, will often bring marked and rapid results. Sense organs are very responsive to increased demands made upon them by their owner, particularly if the owner manifests a mental state of confident expectation-the organ seems to realize that better work is expected of it, and it tries to "make good"; reversing the rule, the organ seems to realize distrust and lack of confidence in it, and responds in like measure.

Neuralgic Troubles, Headaches, etc. Neuralgic troubles, headaches, etc., usually arise from imperfect nutrition, or imperfect elimination, or both, although in some cases there is found a condition of imperfect circulation. The treatment is obvious, when the cause is perceived.

The direction of the mind and the suggestions to the local parts however often relieve the immediate distress; but the healer should never be satisfied until he has removed the root of the trouble as well as the local symptoms.

Reproductive Complaints. The troubles of the male and female reproductive organism may be effectively treated by suggestion and mental treatment scientifically and intelligently applied. In the case of weakness of the male reproductive organism, mental treatment may be applied in the direction of a general energizing of the whole system, which is far more simple than in the cases of women. In cases of weakness of the male, treatment may also be effectively directed to the lower part of the spinal column, just where the bony parts spread out into a broad flat bone; for certain nerves in this region are closely connected with the male reproductive organism.

In the case of weakness of the female reproductive system, suggestion and mental treatment is usually found very effective; in fact, this is a great field for the scientific practitioner of mental healing, for here he or she obtains some wonderful results. Displacements of the uterus, falling of the womb, etc., are treated by suggestions to the supporting ligaments and muscles, and orders to them to contract and do better work in the direction of supporting the uterus properly. These ligaments respond very readily in most cases, and a marked improvement is speedily manifested. The general suggestion in such cases should be based on the mental pattern conveyed by the ideas "up" and "firmly in place." respectively. Menstrual troubles may be effectively treated by suggestions directed to the ovaries and uterus, and to the reproductive system in general, the general thought being "normal and natural action." Too profuse menses are to be treated by checking the tendency to flow in the same way as diarrhea is checked, i. e. by suggestion of "slow," and "not so free," etc. In all cases of female troubles it is well to build up the general system, particularly the organs of nutrition and elimination. Many cases of uterine troubles originally arise from the presence of a distended, impacted colon -this condition resulting from constipation, etc. When the cause is removed, it is a comparatively simple matter to remedy the local trouble.

Nervous Troubles. What are generally known as "nervous" troubles may be treated by first attending to the organs of nutrition and elimination, and then by a special treatment of the spinal column. In the latter the thought must be swept up and down the spinal column, with the idea held in mind that the spinal column is being energized, freed from obstructing influences, conditions and tendencies. In fact, it is a good plan to finish any kind of treatment in this way-the sweeping of the spine acting as a general stimulating influence which is very gratifying and pleasant to the patient.

Another general treatment effective in all cases is that known as "equalizing the circulation," in which the thought sweeps down and then up over the whole body, several times in succession; this tends to energize and equalize the circulation over the entire system, bringing a pleasant tingling to the body of the patient, and resulting in a refreshing sensation and feeling afterward.

Self-Treatment. The student who wishes to heal himself or herself by means of Mental Therapeutics has but to remember that each and every form, method, principle, and rule of treatment given in these lessons for the treatment of the patient is equally valid and applicable in the treatment of oneself. Apply the same treatment, in the same way, and you obtain the same result in Self-Healing. If I were writing a series of lessons on the subject of Self-Healmg, I could merely repeat what I have said in these lessons regarding the treatment of other patients. The principle is identical, and the methods of application are practically the same.

In Self-Treatment the "I" part of yourself should act as the practitioner, while the Corporeal Mind of yourself should be the patient. Proceed in such case as if you were really treating another person, the body of another. This is the whole secret in a few words.

Concluding Advice. In all forms of mental treatment, no matter what particular methods you may employ, or what particular trouble you may be treating, you should always carry in mind the fact that THOUGHT is the active principle involved in the cure. And you should learn to think of Thought not as an intangible, unsubstantial thing, but rather as a great natural energy and force, something as real as is electricity or magnetism. It will help you to mentally picture it as sweeping from you into the body of the patient, there energizing and strengthening the minds in the cells and parts of that body. The more clearly that you can visualize or mentally picture it as actually travelling and moving like a great current of electricity, the greater will be its potency.

Do not allow yourself to become wrapped up in technical theories or speculations regarding the Riddle of the Universe, or of the inner nature of Mind. Leave these subjects to the metaphysicians who delight in them to such an extent that they usually have no time or inclination to do anything practical in life. Do not be a dreamer, but be a do-er. Cultivate the characteristics of the Constructive Thinker-buildup, construct, create, with the Power of Mind. You will find that your Power to Heal will increase with practice and habit. You will develop what some have called "the sanative contagion," to such an extent that those coming into your presence will receive healing thought even though you do not voluntarily send the same forth; then you will radiate healing power -this is the mark of the true healer. Think of yourself as a SUN of HEALING POWER, and let your radiance flow forth in all directions.

You will learn new details of practice every year of your life; but you will always be impressed with the truth of the statement that the Principle of Mental Healing is very simple and plain, when once grasped and understood. Here is a simple statement of this simple fact, to carry with you as my parting gift:

"Mental Patterns are reproduced in Physical States, Forms, and Conditions."