Although I have finished this course of lessons as originally planned, I haye thought it advisable to add to it a brief consideration of two forms of healing which while scientifically included in the broad classification of Mental Therapeutics, nevertheless have some points of difference from the general methods of this system. I refer to (1) Magnetic Healing; and (2) Spiritual Healing, respectively. In these two forms of healing I find the same fundamental principle operative, although called forth and manifested in a different manner. In the following pages I shall endeavor to explain this apparent differ- ! ence, and at the same time to explain the particular methods employed in each of these general methods; to the end that such of my students who may wish to include these methods in their own practice may be enabled to dtf so intelligently and effectively.

Magnetic Healing. What is known as "Magnetic Healing" has gained quite a large following in Europe and America, arid many wonderful cures have been made by practitioners following this method. In America it is usually applied in connection with the more regular fonris of mental healing, while in Prance it is oftefa practiced as a distinct branch of therapeutics.

Those who have carefully investigated the subject of Magnetic Healing have generally reached the conclusion that its effects arise from a dual cause, as follows: (a) the energizing effect of a transference of vital energy from the body of the healer to that of the patient; and, (b) accompanying the effect just mentioned, the power of Thought along the lines set forth in these lessons.

I shall not go into the subject of the "vital force" employed in Magnetic Healing, for the subject is not at all well understood even by those practicing and teaching its principles. Enough for the purpose of this consideration is the fact that there undoubtedly exists that which may be called "vital force" in the human body, and which may be transferred to another person under certain conditions; and which when so transferred tends to energize into renewed activity the body of that other person, or any of his physical organs toward which the force may be directed by the healer. It is important in this connection to note that this "vital force" is best directed by the healer when he fixes his attention upon the part of the body of the patient to be treated-this shows that the "vital force" is subordinate to Mind, and is controlled thereby. Those who may wish to inquire into the essential nature of this "vital force" may obtain interesting information by studying the oriental teachings concerning what is called "prana," which is practically identical with what we of the western world call "vital force."

Nearly all nations in the history of the race have employed some phase of this form of heal* ing with effect-and in most cases we may see that they also, consciously or unconsciously, employed mental suggestion or thought-force in such treatments. The "laying on of hands" has always been a popular form of treatment, and many good results have arisen therefrom. But wcwmust never lose sight of the fact that in such processes the minds both of the patient and of the healer have been directed to the affected part -the effect of which may be easily understood by those who have carefully studied the lessons of this course. The healer, and the patient, both understood that the treatment was expected to produce certain effects; and both naturally and instinctively pictured the expected result-and so obtained it Outside of the effect of the "vital force" upon the patient (whatever the degree of that effect may really be when divorced from the mental effect of the thought of practitioner and patient) there is undoubtedly a strong suggestive effect in the application of the hands to the affected part, or the placing of them near the region affected. The eye sees the motion, and the body feels the contact, and both of these elements add materially to the suggestive value of the treatment. The mere tapping of the region of the liver by the fingers or the healer, serves to arouse the mind in the liver and to make it attentive to the suggestions given it mentally-it is akin to tapping on the shoulder of a man to whom you wish to speak; or to rapping on the door of a man's room, when you wish to arouse his attention.

Longitudinal passes made downward over the body of a reclining patient will tend to increase his birculation, and to equalize it. Downward passes have a soothing effect as a rule; while upward passes have an ^awakening, arousing effect. Transversal passes made side wise acipss the body of the patient will tend to loosen up" the action of the organs in that location. A twisting or "boring" motion of the extended finger will often rouse into activity sluggish organs; a feeling of warmth often accompanying this result. Pain may be removed by an application of the palms of the hands to the affected part. Stroking the body, or a part thereof, with the tips of the fingers often has a soothing effect* Rubbing a sore spot, such as a rheumatic joint, usually benefits it. Some practitioners employ a "vibrational motion," or shaking motion to the body of the patient, claiming good results therefrom. Hot Insufflation, or breathing upon the affected part through a handkerchief or napkin often brings relief from pain.

If you should see fit to combine this form of treatment with your Mental Healing proper, I advise you to always keep in mind the effect of the Mind even in such treatments, and to add all of your regular Mental Healing methods to that of the "Magnetic Healing." For in this way you obtain whatever benefit or virtue there may be in the Magnetic Treatment, while at the same time not losing the effect of your Mental Healing methods. Finally, I freely admit that in the case of certain patients who have been strongly impressed with the theory of "Magnetism," the use of the hands, in the treatment greatly adds to the eificacy of the mental treatment.

Govern yourself according to circujnstances, and be prepared to give to the patient that which is most readily accepted by him.; the reason, for this I have made plain in the earlier lessons of this course.

Spiritual Healing. While in my judgment the essence of what is called " spiritual treatment" is to bet found in the ideas in the mind of the patient, or of the healer, rather than in some guper-mental force, nevertheless I feel that the student should become acquainted with the general theory and form of practice of this phase of healing, so that he may combine the same with his other methods, or else practice it solely, if, he should see fit. Whatever else there is or is not in Spiritual Healing, there certainly is a powerful suggestive force in it, particularly when the mind of the patient is inclined to run along those particular lines.. Personally, I do not claim to be a Spiritual Healer, or a teacher thereof; but I have a sufficiently extended knowledge of the subject to be able to select the best methods of applying the same. And/while I cannot attempt to go into the matter deeply in this lesson, yet I below present to you a brief icomprehensive synopsis of the gist of the best teaching on the subject, and also give you one or two very good forms of administering this form of treatment.

The essence of the theory of Spiritual Healing of the highest order is this: That man is capable of raising the vibrations of his consciousness up above that of his ordinary plane of consciousness, and to thereby attain "spiritual consciousness." When the healer reaches this plane of consciousness, and pronounces his Healing Word from that plane, he reaches the similar plane of "spiritual consciousness" in the patient, and causes it to manifest its healing power. This spiritual consciousness of the patient is held to be dominant over the lower planes of his mind; and, therefore, when it is aroused, the curative work is performed within his body by the action of his mental and spiritual forces. The plane of "spiritual consciousness," it is held, closely approaches the plane of the Infinite Power which governs all created life; and by thus bringing tiie patient into nearer contact with this transcendent principle of being, it enables him to receive its beneficent power in the direction of restoring Health.

The following two forms of treatment alone the lines of Spiritual Healing are those advised by a high authority on transcendental subjects, and, as will be seen, contain very high statements and principles; in fact, one must be very material indeed who does not experience a feeling of uplift from the mere serious repetition of the words thereof. I herewith submit the same to your attention, without further comment They are both intended for the use of the healer in raising him up to the plane of "spiritual consciousness," from which he may speak the Healing Word bidding the patient be whole and well.

The first Statement of Spiritual Consciousness is as follows:

"O Spirit-the One, Birthless. Deathless-the Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent Being- in whose Ocean of Life I am a drop-let me feel thy Presence and Power. Let me realize even more fully what Thou art, and what I am in Thee. Let the consciousness of thy Reality, and my Reality in Thee, permeate my being, and descend upon all the places of my mind. Let the Power of Spirit manifest through my mind, permeating the body of this person that I am desirous of healing (or 'this body that I call mine own,' if you are healing yourself) bringing to it Health and Strength and Life, that it be rendered a more fitting Temple of the Spirit- a more perfect instrument of Expression for the One Life that flows through it. Raise up this body from the gross vibrations of the lower planes, to the higher vibrations of the Spiritual Consciousness, through which and bv which we know Thee. Give this bodjr, through the Spiritual Consciousness which is imminent within it, that Peace, and Strength, and Life, that is its by virtue of thy immanence within it. Do Thou, the All-Life, flow in thy essence through this thy reflection and expression, revivifying and enlivening it. This do I claim, O All-Spirit, by virtue of my eternal Birthright from Thee. And, by reason of thy promise and the inner knowledge of the same given to me, I now demand this of Thee!"

The second Statement of Spiritual Consciousness is as follows:

"O thou Great Infinite Power-thou Great Flame of Life of which I am but a spark-I open myself to thy Healing Power, that it may flow through me to strengthen, build-up, and make whole this brother (or sister) in Life. Let thy Power flow through me to the end that he (or she) may receive thy vivifying energy and Strength and Life, and be able to manifest the same as Health, Strength, and Vigor. Make me a worthy channel of thy Power, and use me for Good."

And, so, my students, I pass, on these lessons to you. May you study them carefully, and apply the principles thereof to the best advantage in the healing of those in whom "the hand of the Potter has clipped." Be true to the best within you; manifest the highest power within you- think Health, see Health, preach Health, and you will manifest Health in yourself and those who come to you for help and cure. Do not prostitute, your knowledge for selfish motives, or unworthy gain. Be true to your science, and you will be true to yourself and to your patients.