A puppy at walk should have plenty of good nourishing food ; but he should not be allowed to get too fat, as it is apt to make him crooked, and if distemper should attack him it will go all the harder with him. He should have full liberty and never be tied up.

Give instructions that on the first sign of distemper a dose of castor oil is to be given at once and the huntsman informed.

Puppies with distemper should be kept clean and warm, but with plenty of fresh air ; keep them out of draughts.

Mr. Vyner in his "Notilia Venatica" recommends the following pills. I have found them excellent as a tonic after distemper. They make up rather large, but can be divided and two pills given instead of one.

Quinine . . . . . . 24 grains

Gentian powder . . . . 1/2 oz.

Bark powder . . . . . 1 1/2 oz.

Cinnamon powder . . . 1 1/2 drachms

Sulphuric acid . . . . 8 drops.

To be made up into 8 pills with syrup, one to be given every morning fasting.

Feed your hounds each one according to his constitution, and so that they may run well together.

Feed cold and thick ; but after hunting- luke-warm, with a moderate quantity of flesh, but the less the better and be very careful indeed about the broth, which is apt to turn sour if left in the copper.

Take care your oatmeal is good old meal. New meal ferments and makes hounds purge. It should be thoroughly well boiled and become as hard as a rock after being poured into the coolers.

In summer feed thin, plenty of vegetables, young nettles, etc. should be given, and sometimes use biscuits instead of oatmeal for a change.

Don't wash your hounds, use brushes and hair gloves. As your young hounds come in from walk keep them separate from the pack and watch them carefully in case of any infection or rabies. Round them and physic and dress them in due time, and get the couples on them as soon as you can and walk them out on foot till they are ready to go to exercise with the pack.