Form your pack according to the country in which it is to hunt.

Breed from the very best blood that you can get, but stick to the same sort.

Without nose hounds cannot hunt, and without pace they cannot catch a fox. These two things must therefore be combined.

A badly shaped hound cannot gallop, and without good neck and shoulders he cannot stoop to a scent.

Good straight legs, with the bone carried well down, good shoulders, loins and thighs, back, feet. chests and with plenty of room for the lungs are essential points.

Breed with plenty of bone, and never breed from a faulty hound, however good ; but exception may be made in favour of a dog whose lineage has been so perfect as to justify the assumption that the defect complained of is accidental, but special care must be taken that the bitch he is put to is of perfect symmetry and inheritor of it, and remember a vice cannot be bred out.