Commences as soon as the frost disappears in the spring, and is a good bait in open weather every month in the year. It is used for the same purposes as the cod-bait, and is readily taken by all kinds of fish that take small baits. Maggots generated in October will live through the winter, at which time Chub, Grayling, Carp, Tench, Perch, Roach, and Dace, are in perfection, and may be enticed to any part of a pond to feed, by suspending a piece of carrion at the end of a pole over the spot that it is desired that the fishes should frequent. It is not unusual to bait particular places with worms, maggots, grains, stewed malt, clay balls, clotted blood, etc. but it is to be supposed, that the fish will become fonder of a spot where they can peaceably enjoy their food which is continually dropping to them, than where they are often disturbed by being fed at stated intervals.

The method of baiting a hook with a maggot or gentle is as follows: Take one or two maggots, and put the hook into the second joint above the tail, then draw it forward upon the hook; having performed this with one or two, put the hook into the second joint of the last maggot, and cover the beard of the hook with it, but let not the point appear in sight; if the hook be run too deep, the substance of the gentle will come out, and then it is good for nothing ; therefore, care must be taken to run it under the skin, as gently, and as close to it, as possible.