The Chub spawns about the months of April and May, but he may be said to be in perfection in the winter. He frequents sharp earns, and deep holes, that are much shaded, with clayey or gravelly bottoms. The larger ones bite best very early in the morning, and are to be caught by dibbing with a black beetle, humble-bee, or any large fly, but the best bait for the Chub is the brown beetle or cockchafer. In ground-fishing the most approved baits are worms, maggots, snails, and ox brains; the preference is generally given to the latter. The rod and line must be strong, and it will be convenient to use a running-line, the better to enable you to fish under bushes : the bottom should be of strong gut about two yards long, and the hook, if angled with brains, No. 6 or 7; if with gentles or grubs, a size smaller. The angler should be at the river's side by daybreak, and having baited the hook with the beetle or cockchafer, wave it two or three times over the surface, as if in the act of flying, then let it drop softly on the water, and shake the rod gently, which will give it the appearance of struggling to escape; this will attract the attention of the fish, and two or three will rise at a time, for they are remarkably fond of the cockchafer. His resistance when hooked is great at first, but he is soon subdued ; his weight, however, will make the landing-net necessary and useful, as the most likely places for Chub are those where you cannot get to the water-side to land him with the hands.


It is necessary to bait the places in whicc you angle with whatever bait is used. Should you fish with worms, gentles, wasp-grubs, or snails, the bait should be upon the ground but if with brains, a little below mid-water, being careful to strike the instant the fish bites, as the bait is so very tender.